Jailbreaks are becoming harder to get and, although we have seen a few in recent times, they have been somewhat limited in who can use them. Because of this, the jailbreak community is beginning to look elsewhere for its tweak and apps. Without access to Cydia, this should be quite difficult to do but we have recently seen a selection of Cydia tweaks being made available in app installers that do not need a jailbreak.

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The most recent one is called Emus4U and it is packed with features, including plenty of emulators, paid content for free and lots of modified apps to choose from too. Most of the app installers released, like TweakBox , TutuApp , and AppValley, and now Emus4U [ext link], are nowhere near what Cydia offers but, in the absence of anything better, these are all we have to use right now. Take a look at what Emus4U offers:

Features of Emus4U :

  • Full support provided for all iOS versions on all iOS devices
  • Great customer service 
  • One of the easiest installers to download and simple to use
  • Choose from several customization options
  • Regular updates provide all the latest content
  • Built in screen recorder 
  • Built in cleaner to remove unwanted junk and temporary files
  • A choice of themes
  • Jailbreaking is not required

No Jailbreak Needed :

As we said things haven’t been too good in terms of jailbreaks and this could be down to a couple of reasons. First, Apple promised that they would be introducing features that would stop jailbreaking in its tracks and, although it hasn’t stopped altogether there is no denying it has slowed to a trickle. Secondly, it could just be a lack of developers willing to come up with jailbreak utilities. We’ve heard nothing from teams like Taig, Pangu, and PP and what jailbreaks we have come from Luca Todesco, a developer who has now stepped back from iOS security work.

The likes of Emus4U will not replace Cydia because they simply can’t offer the level of features and functionality that Cydia offers. They will provide us with the means to download some of what we are missing and will also offer the non-jailbreaker a chance as well. The links below will provide you with all the information you need to download and use Emus4U:

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