How to Fix iTunes Error 56

iOS 9.3.2 update seems to be causing a serious problem for some owners of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. On attempting to update their devices to the latest version of Apple’s operating system, using the OTA method, they have been presented with an “Error 56” message and a request to connect to iTunes to solve it. Many users have taken to the social media sites and to public forums, complaining loudly about how their devices have been bricked following the error.

Image : Fix iTunes Error 56 problem after iOS Update

itunes error 56

Not all iPad Pro owners have affected and many have been able to update without any trouble at all. However, judging by the number of complaints, the problem isn’t a small one and it isn’t contained to just a few users either. Even connecting to iTunes is not solving the problem as many have found their devices put into an unending boot loop, rendering the device unusable.

Image : iPad Pro in Recovery Mode after facing Error 56 on iTunes

ipad recovery mode connect to itunes screen cydia

Apple has a support page [ link below ] for Error 56 suggesting it is a more common error than we would like to think and their advice is to “check for hardware issues”.  They have also published some guidelines on how to fix the problem, although these steps are not going to be of any help to anyone whose device has already been effectively bricked .

Step by Step Fix for iTunes Error 56 :

  • The first thing to do is ensure that your computer is running the most up to date version of iTunes, currently standing at v12.4. If not, upgrade immediately itunes update mac
  • Second, make sure you don’t have a third-party security program on your computer that could be causing the issues antivirus disable
  • Then check that your connection cables all work – try another one on your device to see if it works ipad_lightning_cable_connector
  • If all is OK, Apple then suggests that you should try twice more – if you get the same problem two more times, then, and only then, should you contact Apple Support for assistance ota ios 9

At this stage, Apple is not actively acknowledging the current Error 56 problem, nor that people are losing their devices through it. However, if enough noise is made, and enough people complain, they will little option but to step in and come up with some kind of fix for it.

Image : iTunes Error 56

itunes error 56

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Source : Apple Support

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