Exsto – iOS Folders with Radial Launch Interface

As technologically innovative as Apple has proven itself over the years, there is not much in the way of aesthetics that impresses me about iOS. The focus is on utility, and that is great, but at some point I would imagine they would want to strive to become a company known for achievement in design. Good thing there are tweaks available to jailbreakers that enhance the ambiance of iOS. One such tweak is Exsto. Basically Exsto transforms the basic old folder display grid into a radial (circular) array that almost looks like a fanned out deck of cards. It is a cool feature than spruces up the old run of the mill interface.

Image : Exsto brings iOS Folders with Radial Launch Interface

exsto tweak cydia

Features :

  • Makes basic app folders into a full circle or half circle depending on the position of the base app folder. For example, if the folder is near the center of the screen, you will see a full radial circle around the folder containing all of the base folders contents. If the base folder is near the edge of the screen, Exsto will arrange the folders in a half circle, almost fanlike pattern. exsto_tweaks-side
  • The ability to use or not use the tweak right on the screen. For example, if you were to tap a folder in the normal way, iOS would open the contents in the stock grid like pattern for the folder. However, if you press and hold the app, as if you were going to move it or delete it, Exsto kicks in and opens the folder in the radial design.
  • Exsto has a built in symmetry feature which arranges apps perfectly in a radial design or half-moon shape dependent on how many apps are in the folder and where the base is positioned.
  • If an app has a notification waiting in it, it will glow red instead of the usual badge app icon.

Configuration Features :

  • Builds a pane in the settings window
  • Enable | Disable button exsto3
  • Enable or disable the glowing icon notifier
  • Set the amount of apps Exsto will display exsto2
  • You can even set up a delay for how long Exsto will take to kick in.

Download :

All in all, Exsto is one of those apps that help make something old into something new. We all like change and we all like variety. Is it a total necessity for your phone ? No, but neither is Candy Crush and you spend about three hours a day immersed in that. Is it a cool new tweak that makes the process of using your phone exiting ? Yes! And it’s only $.99 in the Bigboss repository in Cydia. Free download possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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