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Jailbreaking is one of the main reasons why many people choose to go for iOS. Rather than being stuck with the standard interface and features, jailbreaking allows you to modify the iPhone or iPad to look different and work differently. One of the things we can do with jailbreak tweaks is to modify the stock apps to give them additional features but, quite apart from the fact that not everyone wants to jailbreak, if you have updated your iOS device beyond iOS 9.3.3, you now can’t jailbreak until a new jailbreak utility is released. Instead of doing without the tweaks, you can make use of a new piece of software called Extensify and Extensify Helper.

Image : Extensify Helper

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How Does Extensify work ?

Extensify allows you to modify stock apps by adding “tweaks”. These tweaks are called Exos but, rather than modifying the stock app, what Extensify does is give you a second app that has been modified. If for example, you wanted to add new features to YouTube you would use an Exo by the name of Cercube [image below]. When you download that tweak, you would be given a second app called YouTube +. It is the “+” sign that identifies that app as being modified by Extensify and you get the option of using that one or the stock app.extensify_ios_10 (1)

Should you still be running iOS 9.2.1 or lower on your iOS device, you can use Extensify without the need for a computer, by using our download tutorial. Anything above iOS 9.2.1 and you will need a computer, either Windows or Mac OS and you will need to use a program called Extensify Helper [ext link].

How to Download and Install Extensify Helper :

  1. Download Extensify Helper for Mac or Windows [ direct links ]
  2. Ensure that iTunes is installed on your computer. If it isn’t, install it now because Extensify Helper will not work without it. [ it doesn’t need to be open, just installed ]  itunes install
  3. Connect up your iOS device to your computer extensify helper 2
  4. See if you see a “Trust This Computer” message, click on Trust trust_this_computer
  5. Any other pop-ups that appear on your screen can be shut down with the”x” in the corner
  6. Click the drop down menu on the screen and then click on Install Extensifyextensify 5
  7. Click Start
  8. Your computer will now download Extensify onto your iOS device and, when done, you will see the Extensify icon on your device home screen extensify_ios_10_safari0

Is Extensify Completely Free to Use ?

While Extensify itself is free to use, you may find that some of the Exos have to be paid for. These are few and far between though and you will find that most will be completely free.

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