FastShare – Quick Share anything to FB Twitter or SMS

Do you love sharing information through social mediums like Twitter, Facebook, etc.? If yes, then you can do that more easily with a new jailbreak tweak called FastShare. This new tweak relies on Activator to make sharing easier for you. FastShare gets a unique UI and lets you share information across Messages, Twitter, and Facebook and offers many customization options.

Image : FastShare to Quickly Share anything to FB Twitter

fastshare tweak


  • The FastShare tweak brings the handy sharing options in one place that is easy to access.
  • Here’s how the tweak works- you assign an Activator gesture for the sharing action, and whenever you perform that gesture, the sharing options come up on the screen in one single user interface.  fastshare1
  • While you may argue that the Activator tweak allows you to set different gestures for composing an iMessage, composing a Facebook post, and composing a Tweet, you need to sacrifice three different actions that way. Whereas, the FastShare tweak users just one Activator gesture to give you all those options. fastshare3
  • The FastShare interface has got Twitter, Facebook, and Messages, so you can choose any of them without performing different Activator gestures for different apps.
  • If you invoke the FastShare interface and tap on any of those share buttons, take Twitter for example, a stock iOS share sheet will be given to you. You can compose the information that you want to share in that sheet, and with just one more tap, you have successfully shared the info.
  • Setting up FastShare is pretty easy too. The preferences pane of the tweak can be found in the Settings app and can be customized as per your choice. You can set an Activator gesture for invoking the tweak, choose the blur style you want in the background of the FastShare interface, choose the background color, choose the icon size for the sharing buttons, etc. fastshare settings

All in all, FastShare is a pretty neat tweak that not only reduces confusion by giving you one single Activator gesture for your sharing needs but also brings it all in one tidy place. As a result, sharing is easier and clutter-free now.

Download :

The FastShare tweak is available on Cydia at the BigBoss repo and it costs $1.49. Of course, many would argue that this tweak is overpriced, but it actually is a perfect price for someone who does a lot of sharing. Either way, all good things come with a price tag, so use it yourself to find out whether or not it’s worth it. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources .

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