Fern – App Launcher Tweak

Do you own an iOS device and envy the different app launchers that Android users get to install on their phones ? Well, those app launchers change the outer UI and make it more appealing and simplistic. But thanks to jailbreaking and Cydia, iOS can be customized in a similar way and app launcher tweaks are not rare.

Image : Fern App Launcher Jailbreak App

fern jailbreak app

A new app app launcher tweak called Fern is grabbing eyeballs for its great and simplistic design and works great for jailbroken iOS 8 as well as iOS 9 devices. So let’s go through its features and see whether it’s worth spending a couple of dollars for.

Features :

  • The Fern app launcher tweak is very simple and can be assigned a gesture too so that you can launch it via Activator.
  • The launcher gets two views, namely Favorites and App. Both the views can be customized through the preferences panel of the tweak.
  • Using the tweak is very simple. You just have to install the tweak, then go to the stock Settings app and browse to Fern’s preferences. You can assign an Activator gesture there. fern-ios_9
  • Once you have assigned the gesture, you can straight away open the launcher using the gesture. The launcher opens up in two views as mentioned before, and you can switch between both the views just with a simple swipe.
  • Adding apps to the Favorites view is simple. You just need to switch to the apps view and then tap and hold on the particular app. You can follow the same method for removing apps from the Favorites view. fern-jailbreak
  • The tweak also allows you to change the looks of the launcher. You can change the background darkness, enable | disable blur, set to grid or list layout in the Apps view, etc.fern-ios_9_cydia
  • You can also hide the apps that you do not want to see at all in the Fern launcher.

Fern is a great launcher and the developer has spent some quality time on designing it, which is evident from its looks. The tweak costs $1.99 and isn’t an expensive price tag for the tweak. Though it might seem too much for an app launcher to many people. But given the fact that the Fern tweak is easy to use, very stable, and works great with iOS and iOS 9, the tweak is worth every penny spent.

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