Fingal – Cool App Icon Animation for iPhone

No matter how awesome iOS devices may be, they are nothing without the software in them. iOS is what makes iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch so awesome. However, even iOS has started to look bland, boring, and extra-simple. It looks still and lifeless, at least to those users who jailbreak their devices and customize them to make them look and feel exciting.

Image : Fingal – iPhone Jailbreak App

fingal app

Well, liveliness and motion can now be added to the Home screen with the help of a new jailbreak tweak called Fingal. The promising tweak brings animated themes to the iOS environment. Let’s check out its features.

Features :

  • Fingal is a new type of theming platform like Winterboard for the new iOS 9 as well as iOS 8. The core functionality of the tweak is to animate the application icons [check video below] . It makes the Home screen very fluid and smooth with animations, but logically, newer iOS devices will be faster and more well-equipped and will be able to process the animations without lag. Though even an iPhone 5 does not show much slow downs.
  • After installing Fingal on your jailbroken iOS device, you will notice that a new preferences pane for the tweak is added in the stock Settings app. You can choose the themes there and can enable/disable themes. You can play with a lot of customization options there. Though the animations are basic, more themes can be downloaded. fingal app settings
  • New themes are available for most of the apps like Maps, Messages, News, Health, Camera, Contacts, Phone, Passbook, Settings, Notes, Mystery, YouTube, VoiceMemos, Telegram, etc. You can easily drag the icons to the place where you would like them to be, which means that you can enable or disable animations for particular icons. fingal-prefs-577x1024
  • The changes that you make in the preferences of Fingal need a respring for the changes to take place. So there is a Respring button provided inside the preferences pane itself at the top right. After your device reboots, you will see the themes in action, the icons animated.

Video : Fingal Jailbreak App in Action

Download :

After trying out Fingal, we can say that it is an excellent theming platform and has a lot of potential. This can be the next big thing in the jailbreak community. Animated icons are a good idea, and more third-party animated themes will surely come up in Cydia as the tweak keeps developing. As the tweak gains more popularity, more developers will work on creating even more stunning animations to take it further. Meanwhile, you can try out Fingal by downloading it from the ModMyi repo in Cydia.

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