Flash Tweak brings Torch on iPhone LockScreen

Keeping aside the large jailbreak tweaks that claim to change looks and features of iOS, there are some small tweaks that are loved more due to their simplicity and extremely useful nature. Flashlight apps are useful if you often experience dark environments and want to use your iPhone’s flash as a Torch. However, extra apps mean extra clutter in the menu, which might not be liked by everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice if such apps came up only at the time when you really need them? Well, with the Flash tweak, it’s truly possible.

Image : Flash Tweak – LockScreen Ambient Light Sensor

flash tweak cydia ios 9

For those who don’t know, Flash is a smart jailbreak tweak that keeps an eye on the Ambient Light Sensor of your iPhone. The tweak brings up a small flashlight shortcut on the Lock screen only and only when it detects that the phone is in a dark environment. Now that’s really smart.

After installing the Flash tweak, you don’t need to configure any settings or preferences and it works on its own. Whenever you go into a dark room or go out in the dark at night, a new flashlight button will come up on your Lock screen just at the bottom left corner. You just need to tap on the button and the LED flash in your iPhone will be activated. You don’t even need to slide up the button like you need to do with Continuity shortcuts.

As mentioned before, the tweak uses the Ambient Light Sensor of your iPhone. Therefore, it should not drain the battery life at all. However, the developer of the tweak should have provided a preference panel for the tweak to configure the light threshold levels. Also, the flashlight button appears often and should only come up in really dark areas. However, these are just a couple of small things and will surely be managed by the developer soon.

Download :

All in all, developers Andrew Abosh and  David Goldman have done a really smart job with the tweak. If you want to download the cool Flash tweak, you can get it for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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