FlashRing – Use Mute Switch to On-OFF Phone Flash

Flashlight is one of the most basic functions in the iPhone, yet it is one of the most used features, thanks to its simplicity and useful nature. The flashlight makes it much more convenient when you are in your dark basement, or when the electricity goes off for a minute, or when you are camping out in the nature at night. So the flashlight has become a very accustomed part of our iPhone habits. Thanks to Apple, we have an easy shortcut toggle for the LED flashlight right in the Control Center.

Image : FlashRing Cydia Tweak

flashring cydia

However, a physical button for such quick purposes is much more desired. Wouldn’t it be so much more easier if there was a physical button to turn the flashlight on ? The process would be much faster and you wouldn’t even have to unlock your iPhone to toggle the flashlight on. Well, there’s a new jailbreak tweak that can offer you such a functionality using the mute switch of your iPhone.

Image : Existing Flash Toggle on iOS Control Centre

control centre flashlight torch

The tweak we are talking about is called FlashRing. It lets you switch on or switch off the flashlight instantly with the mute switch without having to unlock the screen and using the Control Center shortcut. Let’s see what the tweak can do and what it cannot.

Features :

mute switch toggle

Pros :

  • After you have installed the FlashRing tweak, your work is done. There is no preferences pane for the tweak, so you don’t need to set any options. The tweak is quite straightforward and works simple. You can start using it rightaway.
  • ¬†Just use the mute switch on the side of your iPhone whenever you want to turn on the flashlight, and then use the mute switch again to turn off the flashlight when you’re done.

Con : But there is one downside of the tweak because of it using the mute switch. Firstly, your mute switch retains its original functionality while also acting as a flashlight toggle for your iPhone. So when the flashlight is turned on using the mute switch, it also mutes your iPhone for as long as the tweak is installed. It isn’t a very big deal for those who keep their iPhones muted most of the time, but still you should keep this in mind.

Download :

Having said all that, FlashRing works as advertised and is worth having if you use the flashlight a lot. It just gives you a shorter shortcut for turning on the flashlight without going to the Control Center. So if you can sacrifice your mute switch, then go ahead and download the FlashRing tweak for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

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