iPhone 6s Features 3D Force Touch – Is it Useful ?

The Force Touch technology has been in talks right since the speculations around the iPhone 6s started building up. And to put all speculations to rest, Apple launched the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus yesterday at its event in San Francisco. Apple accepted that the new iPhones indeed included the Force Touch technology, named as the 3D Touch. It was first seen on the Apple Watch and to get it on the iPhone is a really exciting move from the Cupertino giant. But is the 3D Touch technology practical and useful ? Let’s take a look into its features and find out what 3D Touch really is and how it actually works.

Image : iPhone 6s 3D Force Touch Explained

iphone 6s 3d touch

An Upgrade to Multi-Touch :

The new iPhones get a pressure-sensitive display, which can measure how much pressure is being applied on the screen. Accordingly, actions are then performed according to the gestures. Just like the pinch, swipe, and tap-and-hold feature of multi-touch displays, the 3D Touch technology will take gesture control to the next level.

iphone 6s force touch 3d1

Peek and Pop :

This new feature added to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus acts in conjunction with the 3D Touch technology. With Peek and Pop, you can preview any type of content and perform certain actions without having to open the content actually.

iphone 6s force touch 3d6

For instance, while browsing through your email inbox, you can Peek at any mail with a light press and can open it with a harder press to Pop inside. Similarly, if you want to take a look at a website link, you can actually Peek into it without having to leave the current screen. If you do want to open the website, you can Pop into it by pressing deeply.

This feature saves a lot of your time by letting you perform actions faster and reduces the number of steps. With Quick Actions, you can bring up the camera instantly to take a snap or quickly get directions to home. Most of such actions can be performed right from the Home screen with a single press.

If you want to take a snap or a video immediately or want to directly go to any camera mode like slo-mo or time lapse, you just need to press the Camera icon on the Home screen. Similarly, Quick Action works with Messages, Maps, Mail, and much more.

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