ForeverNotification – Sticky LockScreen Notifications

In your iOS device, when your notifications arrive and you don’t have a chance to get them instantly, they get stacked on your Lock screen so that you can take a peek at them quickly. However, the moment your unlock your device and lock it again, those notifications are removed from the Lock screen even if you haven’t viewed all of them yet. This can be a but frustrating, but there’s a Cydia tweak that can help you out in such cases.

Image : ForeverNotification Jailbreak Tweak

forever notification tweak

Called ForeverNotification, the new jailbreak tweak prevents the Lock screen notifications from disappearing even after the device is locked and unlocked several times. So let’s go through the features of the tweak in detail and see how it works and how it will benefit you.

Features :

  • ForeverNotification works just as suggested by its name. If you receive notifications and unlock your device, the notifications will remain on the Lock screen no matter how many times you unlock or lock your iOS device. The notifications will disappear only when acknowledged. forever-notifications_1
  • Users can clear the notifications only manually, which is a good thing. It lets you choose which notifications you want to keep on the Lock screen and which you want to remove. To remove specific notifications, swipe left on them and tap the X button that appears on the screen. The tweak will not let any notifications disappear until you manually clear them.forever-notifications_2
  • The tweak can be very helpful to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners, as these new devices come with upgraded Touch ID sensors that are faster. This way, users unlock their screens in an instant without getting the chance to look at the notifications. The tweak is nevertheless helpful for older devices as well, as unlocking the screen clears the notifications, which then demands the users to check the Notification Center or go through each application.
  • Even though you can just go to the Notification Center to check all the notifications you have missed, ForeverNotification can save a lot of your time by keeping your notifications on the Lock screen for as long as you want.

Download :

You don’t get any preference panel with the ForeverNotification tweak. It starts working right after you install it and start getting notifications. ForeverNotification is free to download from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, and hence is a must-try. Use it and let us know if it benefited you.

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