Cydia is and always will be one of the most popular app stores. Millions of people jailbreak their devices to gain access to Cydia so that they can modify their devices, customize them and add features that they wouldn’t otherwise have. One of the reasons many people installed Cydia was to download games emulators so that they had the tools to play some of the old-school retro console games on their devices. One of the best emulators is called GBA4iOS [ext link] and it offers many cool features.

Image : Gba4iOS Emulator Download Tutorial

What is GBA4iOS ?

GBA4iOS is an incredibly popular emulator that was developed for the iOS platform by Riley Testut, Originally, through clever use of an exploit, GBA4iOS was available in the iOS app store but that came to an end with iOS 8 when Apple patched it. GBA4iOS has since undergone redevelopment and loads of new features have been added for those who can download it via Cydia. The latest version is proving more popular than the original with well over 10 million downloads already. With GBA4iOS, you can play Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color games on your iPhone or iPad.

GBA4iOS Features :

GBA4iOS uses some of the iOS SDK tools to provide users with an excellent console experience. On top of that, GBA4iOS also offers:

  • An easy way of downloading
  • A simple user-friendly interface 
  • High speed downloads
  • Support for all iOS devices with special optimization for the iPad
  • Support for cheat codes
  • Easy Dropbox syncing
  • Airplay support
  • Wi-Fi linking support
  • Access to loads of GB/GBA/GBC games, old and new
  • Lots of GBA/GBC skins
  • Several custom controller skins 
  • Redeveloped app icon logo
  • Updated regularly
  • Event Distribution
  • Sustain button
  • Controller vibration mode
  • External iOS 7 controller support
  • Fast Forward
  • Multiple Save States
  • Support for URL Schemes
  • Built-in browser
  • Loads more

Supported Devices :

GBA4iOS works on iOS 7 or above on all these devices that can install Cydia

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch

How to Download GBA4iOS :

Downloading GBA4iOS can only be done by downloading Cydia first. You won’t get it in the app store anymore, but it is easy to do. Find out how to download Cydia and lots more useful information by clicking the link below:

Not everyone is going to be able to download Cydia onto their devices. It isn’t being updated very often and, when it is, it tends to only work on certain devices. For those that can’t, there are alternatives. Several app installers are available for download that offer some of the Cydia tweaks so have a look at these ones :

Let us know if you can download Cydia to get GBA4iOS and how you get on; for more up to date news, follow us on Facebook.

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