Grams – 3DTouch Tweak to Weigh Objects on iPhone

Apple introduced the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with a new major feature called 3D Touch that brings pressure sensitive touch screen technology. By applying various amounts of pressure, different actions can be triggered, thus providing shortcuts for quick actions. The more creative minds will wonder whether the so called pressure-sensitive screen is accurate enough to tell the weight of an object. Well, probably it is.

Image : Grams Jailbreak Tweak

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A new jailbreak tweak called Grams claims to measure the weight of objects that are very lightweight, and it only uses the 3D Touch display to do so. Let’s see if the claims are really true.

Features :

  • The developers behind Grams say that the tweak acquires information from the 3D Touch Display about how hard it is pressed down. Mathematical algorithms are then used to convert that force into weight. The 3D Touch can register up to 385 grams of weight, which converts to roughly 385 plain steel paperclips.
  • Also, you need to use a capacitive object like a metal spoon to weigh an object on it, as electrical signals are used in the 3D Touch display. So you need to note down the weight of the spoon first and then calculate the weight of the object in it separately. metal spoon_500x
  • The weight displayed on the screen is with the spoon. So subtract the weight of the spoon from that number and you will get the weight of the object you weighed with the spoon.
  • As for the accuracy of the Grams tweak, it is said to be as accurate as a one hundredth of a gram. That is really a very accurate measure. The best way to use the tweak is by placing the iPhone on a flat surface.
  • Grams is very easy to use. A new section in the Control Center is added by this tweak, and this section reports the weight.grams-1
  • Just use a metal spoon, place the object (sugar, salt, etc.) in the spoon, and weigh it. Now subtract the weight of the spoon from the result and you get the weight of the object added in the spoon.iphone-6-side-swithc mute copygrams-2

Download :

Grams is still a fancy tweak, and it hasn’t really got a practical use yet. There is room for a lot of development. Another thing is that you would not want to damage the display, so make sure you don’t place heavy or sharp objects over the screen. For those who want to try out this fun tweak, Grams can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repos sources .

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