Griddy – Grid Style AppSwitcher for iPhone

Getting the ability to customize the App Switcher is one of the reasons why jailbreaking is loved by the iOS community. There are a lot of tweaks in Cydia that allow you to play around with the AppSwitcher. Griddy is one such new jailbreak tweak that brings a grid-like experience to your App Switcher.

Image : Griddy Jailbreak App

griddy tweak

The Griddy tweak brings grid-like view to the App Switcher rather than the stack view. Let’s know more about the tweak.

Features :

  • Griddy brings a grid-like interface to the App Switcher, which saves a lot of waste and a larger work area.griddy1
  • Just like the stock App Switcher, this tweak brings the most-recently used apps on the top. You also get an option to close all the apps with just one app.
  • The Griddy tweak is completely customizable and can be made to behave and look as per your taste. If you want, you can choose whether the apps inside the grid are displayed with app icons or app previews. You can choose between portrait and landscape mode for separate apps.griddy4
  • After you install the Griddy tweak, you get the main preferences pane in Settings > Griddy > Configuration. You can enable/disable the tweak, take help of the guide, respring the device to apply the changes, configure the options for portrait mode and landscape mode, enable | disable the animations and their duration for Griddy.  griddy7
  • The tweak also allows you to control what you see on the screen using the custom grid scale. App previews and app icons can also be displayed or hidden. The placement of the app icons and the blackground blur intensity can be customized. You can position the app icons on top of the app previews at the center, top, bottom, left, right, etc.

The Griddy tweak is customizable to a great extent. Right from the blur intensity to the landscape/portrait orientation and the default grid size, everything can be customized.

The Griddy tweak provides full support to iOS 9 and iOS 8 and is compatible with the current and past jailbreaks. This tweak is also fully compatible with many App Switcher tweaks like Auxo and Seng. But do remember one thing that the Control Center cannot be changed in any way using Griddy.

Download :

If you are a fan of App Switcher tweaks, then you should try definitely try out the Griddy tweak. It can be bought from the BiggBoss repo in Cydia for $1.99. Any takers ?

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