How to Hide Photos and Videos on iPhone

After the iOS 9 got unveiled at the WWDC 2015, it took the Apple user community by storm. Loads of new and exciting features that were only seen as jailbreak tweaks before now became an official part of the iOS, and this made the Apple fans go ahead and install the latest iOS 9 on their iOS devices, even though it is still in its beta version. Also, there are many other features as well which Apple did not highlight but left the secrets to be uncovered by the users themselves. One of those features includes the ability to hide multiple photos and videos on your iPad and iPhone running iOS 9.

Image : iOS 9 Photo Hide Trick

hide ios 9 photos

Previous versions of the iOS did not carry this feature. Users are inclined towards the internet and social media on their smartphones nowadays, sharing personal photos, videos, and other details with each other. And many of the files are so confidential that they would rather go unseen. This feature is meant to simplify the hiding process and make it faster.

So let’s take a look at the iOS 9 feature, using which you can easily hide multiple photos and videos. But before that, let’s quickly learn how you can select multiple photos on iPad and iPhone.

Selecting Multiple Photos on iPad and iPhone at Once :

  1. Go to the Photos app on your iPad – iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Camera Roll for selecting photos. ios_9_photos1
  3. Then tap ‘Select‘ that is given in the top right corner.
  4. Now tap one by one on each photo that you want to select. ipad ios 9

These quick steps will select multiple photos . After you have selected the multiple photos of your choice, you can then go ahead to hide them and later unhide them whenever you want.selecting multiple photos, you can now hide and later unhide the same. Just follow the below-given steps to hide multiple videos/photos on your iOS 9 iPad or iPhone.

Hide Multiple Videos – Photos on iPad and iPhone in iOS 9 :

  1. After having selected the photos and | or videos that you want to hide, using the above-given steps.
  2. Now tap the ‘Share‘ button.
  3. Select the ‘Hide‘ option from the lower menu options. ios_9_photos3
  4. After you select ‘Hide’, a menu will come up with two options on it – ‘Hide‘ and ‘Cancel‘. Select ‘Hide‘ ios_9_photos4

Your photos – videos will now be hidden. Please remember that those photos will be hidden from Collections, Years, and Moments, but will still be visible in the Albums. If you want to unhide the hidden photos/videos, you can follow the below-given steps.

Unhide Photos on iPad and iPhone Running iOS 9 :

The initial steps will be the same as in the procedure when hiding the photos. Follow them by these steps-

5. Once you select the ‘Share‘ button, a menu will come up.

6. From the lower menu, tap on the ‘Unhide‘ option. ios_9_photos3

It looks like Apple really has gone into the details of user research and has understood the wants and needs of the users by bringing in this feature in the iOS 9.

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