How to Buy Paid Cydia Tweaks

Jailbreaking is awesome, as it allows us to open the gates of customization for our iOS devices. Jailbreaking gives root access of the device, thus allowing us to install apps outside the Apple App Store, something that Apple prohibits in stock iOS. However, no discussion about jailbreaking is complete without mentioned Cydia [read about cydia].

Image : How to Buy Cydia Tweaks that are Paid

buy cydia tweaks

All the jailbreakers will accept the fact that Cydia is an unseparable part of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking your device gives you root access to install outsider apps, but Cydia is the place where you actually get those apps for download. Cydia is the one-stop tweak store for jailbroken iOS devices where hundreds and thousands of apps, themes, mods, tweaks, etc. are available for download. The amount of resource in Cydia is so much that it makes you sit down and wonder why Apple does not support jailbreaking.

Cydia iOS 9 Tweak Download :


Cydia has been developed by Jay Freeman and came into existence in 2003. Since then, Jay has kept Cydia up to date with regular bug fixes and improvements. He has regularly updated Cydia to support the latest jailbreakable firmware. And thanks to him, we can download so many jailbreak tweaks and apps from just one app. However, the jailbreak tweaks in Cydia are created by tweak developers, who work day and night to bring awesome features to jailbroken iOS devices. While tweak developers do offer a lot of Cydia tweaks for free, they do put a price tag on some excellent Cydia tweaks which add premium and outstanding features to iOS. Making such tweaks as paid ones is totally justified.

So in case you want to download some really awesome Paid Cydia Tweaks that are worth your money, then just follow this simple tutorial.

How to Buy and Install Paid Cydia Apps :

  1. Open Cydia in your iOS device and search for the tweak that you want to buy. Many popular Cydia tweaks are generally not free. In this tutorial, we will be choosing the Barrel tweak [image above] as an example for demonstrating the process. This tweak is a popular animation tweak. cydia iphoen 6 ios 8
  2. After you search the Barrel app, tap on it and find the Purchase button right at the top of the screen. The price will also be mentioned just near that cydia apps tweaks5
  3. Now tap the Purchase button to buy the tweak. Now you will be asked to login through Google or Facebook. We choose Google for this tutorial .buy cydia apps tweaks4buy cydia apps tweaks3
  4. After the login Cydia will ask permission to use your Google profile information for billing and backup . Accept this and link your device to your Google accountbuy cydia apps tweaks2buy cydia apps tweaks1
  5. You will now have to choose your payment mode between PayPal or Amazon. As PayPal is the most used payment option, we will be choosing it in this tutorial. buy cydia apps tweaks0
  6. Fill in your PayPal account details when asked. Now the payment will be processed and a Payment Successful confirmation will be show once the purchase is completed.
  7. Now tap the Back button to return to the information screen of the tweak.
  8. You will see that your purchase confirmation has been mentioned along with the confirmation that future updates for the tweak will be free for you in case the developer has offered it.

Buying a Cydia tweak hardly takes more than 5 minutes. In case you are not familiar with Cydia tweaks and want to buy the best of them, you can check this page for the most awesome Cydia tweaks to download.

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