IfFound 3 – Makes it Easy to Return Lost iPhone

Let’s face it, iPhones are the only $700 possession we have that we carry around in our pockets, leave on the counter, or toss in a purse. And similar to other inanimate objects, like chapstick or whatever else is in there, they are susceptible to loss. In the event that we lose track of our prized gadget, we rely on the kindness of strangers to get our property back to us. Fortunately, Cydia’s new tweak, IfFound 3, helps those willing samaritans out there get your phone back to you with more efficacy.

Image : IfFound Makes it easy for People to Return your lost iPhone

iffound cydia tweak

The quick and dirty explanation of IfFound 3 is that it adds a “Report Lost” button to your lock screen that they can press as well as access to “Control Center”, which allows the finder to contact the phone’s owner through a few different methods [ email, a phone call or a text – image below ]. All of these options hide the actual contact information that the communication is being sent to in order to protect your privacy. The destinations are dictated by however the user configures the tweak.iffound-3_2

Features :

Here are some of the bells and whistles of the new tweak .

  • Email Warning: You can configure the app to send you a hidden email if someone uses the device
  • Secret Photo: The app will take a picture of whoever is using your phone and send it to you
  • Screenshots: The app will send screen shots of how your device is being used
  • You can activate or deactivate the control center remotely
  • You can deactivate the lock screen keypadiffound-3_1
  • Manual setup of contact options when phone is found

Overview :

It goes without saying that IfFound 3 is an invaluable app that anyone who takes their privacy and investments seriously should get immediately. In the event that your phone is found by someone with a conscience, the app will assist them in quickly and discreetly returning your property to you.

In the event that someone with less of a moral compass finds your phone, or is the person who stole it to begin with, you are afforded a multitude of ways to disable your phone or even do some detective work against the thief.

Download :

Phones are objects and objects get lost. Unfortunately, most lost objects don’t contain credit card info, access to your social media or other important information. Protect yourself and help good samaritans reach you with IfFound 3. So what does all of this security and peace of mind cost ? 99 cents on the Cydia app store. A great service at a great value, plain and simple. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources . It costs less than a dollar and is a great way to secure your peace of mind in the unfortunate event that your phone falls in the hands of the wrong person.

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