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iOS 10 beta 1 has started doing the rounds of the developers following its release on 13th June at WWDC 2016. We have heard a lot of rumors about the fact that Apple has done something to stop jailbreakers in their tracks and a couple of days ago, we appeared to get proof of that. Luca Todesco had already shown off iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak but said he wouldn’t be releasing them. But, after examining the iOS 10 firmware, he came to the conclusion that his exploits had been patched, were no longer usable and promptly dropped the iOS 9.3.2 Jailbreak code [Gasgauge Exploit] into Ghostbin for all to see. He said that it appeared that the Cupertino company had gotten “hard on security”, indicating that an iOS 10 jailbreak would be pretty much out of the question.

Image : iOS 10 Jailbreak Success

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iOS 10 Jailbreak Success :

Today, we have hope, after popular hacker iH8sn0w showed us a video [shown below] of an iPhone 5 jailbroken on iOS 10, just 5 days after the beta was released. The video clearly shows the iPhone 5 on iOS 10 and the proof of the untethered jailbreak is also shown, giving us incontrovertible proof that we could yet see iOS 10 jailbreak somewhere down the line.

He hasn’t actually given any details of the jailbreak, for good reason, but given that the device he used is a 32-bit device, it seems pretty clear that he has used the iBoot exploit that he used a couple of years ago, and that, unfortunately, indicates that only the older devices will be able to use it for the iOS 10 jailbreak. That said, it doesn’t mean that iOS 10 cannot be jailbroken on the newer devices, just that it may take a little more time to find the exploits.

Video : iOS 10 Jailbreak Video

In terms of iOS 10, Apple announced quite a few new features [see link] to be included in the next generation of firmware, all of which offer interesting possibilities for the Cydia tweak developers and so we can only hope that Taig and Pangu, the only two jailbreak teams we have at the moment, can find a way to jailbreak the new firmware and give the developers a chance to build on the new iOS 10 firmware, more details of which you can find in the given link.

The next couple of month will be interesting ones as the developers delve further into iOS 10 with each new beta that is released. By September, when the public release is due we should know what we are facing but, if the jailbreak teams follow their usual course, we won’t know any details about an iOS 10 jailbreak [read] until they are ready to release it.

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