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iOS is great and simple. Very true. But there are many of us who do get bored with the same old look of the iOS UI and its elements. You can use WinterBoard themes to customize the overall UI. But what about the keyboard ? What if you don’t want to modify anything else than the classic grey colored keyboard that comes default in iOS device ? There surely are a lot of jailbreak tweaks that enable you to customize the keyboard as per your liking. However, there is one jailbreak tweak called iKeys that takes the keyboard customization one step forward in terms of personalization.

Image : iKeys Tweak Adds Custom iPhone Keyboard

ikeys tweak

You can customize the iOS keyboard with the iKeys tweak to give it the much-needed extra touch. It helps you get a change of air in your iOS device. So let’s see what iKeys can do and if it is worth paying your hard-earned money for.

Features :

  • You can customize Apple’s keyboard to a great extent with iKeys.
  • Firstly, the tweak provides you all the general customization options like setting the transparency of the keyboard and changing its colors. ikeys1
  • The developer orangebananaspy has gone ahead and provided ready-made keyboard presets that have been called as “Recipes” in the tweak. These presets help users make their own keyboard presets so that they can personalize it according to their choice of looks. For those who don’t mind doing some effort, Green Goblin can be used to create new “Recipes” fresh from scratch.
  • After you have downloaded iKeys, you also get the option of choosing from a lot of in-app purchases. You can buy a subscription to the Recipe Store by paying $1 every month; extreme users can opt for the $10 annual subscription. It provides you access to some exclusive premium Recipes that are updated regularly.

Download :

If you are a real enthusiast and have a lot of time to customize the keyboard and play around with iKeys, you can buy the Pro version of the tweak for $3.50 from Cydia . This gets you more frequent updates and more sets of recipes. iKeys is supported on all the jailbroken devices running iOS 8.1 to iOS 9. A lot of users will argue that the pricing of the tweak is a bit on the higher side and that there are a lot of alternative tweaks that can provide similar functions. However, if personalization, ease-of-use, and convenience is what you are looking for, then iKeys is worth every dollar spent.

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