InvertRespring – Inverts Respring and Reboot Screen

In case you are new to using iOS devices, let us tell you that the reboot or respring screen on any black colored iOS device is typically black with a white-colored Apple logo on it. Conversely, white-colored iOS devices get a white colored respring screen with a black colored Apple logo on it. While all iOS users are accustomed to this and like the small difference that Apple has provided between differently colored iOS devices, many users would love to have an option that would switch the colors.

Image : InvertRespring  Inverts Respring and Reboot Screen Colors on iPhone

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InvertRespring is a new jailbreak tweak that literally inverts the background colors and Apple logo colors reboot to the opposites. That’s exactly and singularly the function of this tweak. Let’s see what it does and how the tweak works.


  • The InvertRespring tweak works with iPads, iPod Touches, and iPhones. As we said, black devices come with black background and Apple logo is white, while white devices get white background and the Apple logo is black. This tweak switches up the colors on the respring and reboot screen, so black devices get a white background with the Apple logo switched to black, and white devices get black background with the Apple logo colored white.
  • Of course, you will need to get used to the inverted colors at first, but it will definitely make the display pop during a reboot or respring. It is just a cosmetic change and won’t affect the features or performance of your device.
  • This tweak is similar to the tweak called Boot Logo Customizer [ext link], which comes at $1.00 and offers great colorization options for the reboot screen.
  • InvertRespring is good for those who fancy a different boot screen for free, but if you do not want to increase the number of tweaks on your device for this tweak that does nothing significant, you can stay away from it.

Download :

InvertRespring is available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia and can be Downloaded for Free. This tweak provides a very minimalistic way of switching up the background and Apple logo colors if that’s the stuff you like. There is no preferences pane for the tweak and it starts working right away after installing.

Do note that InvertRespring works on iOS 9.0 and later, so older devices that are not able to run iOS 9 will not be able to use this tweak. And if you are willing to spend $1 to get more in-depth customization options for the boot screen, we suggest you check out the Boot Logo Customizer tweak on Cydia.

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