iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

iOS 10 was released to a huge fanfare, touted as being one of the most secure versions of the iOS firmware ever. Apple promised that they would keep it that way, that they would put a stop to jailbreaking and, to that end, they have released a tidal wave of updates to the firmware. iOS 10.3 download is one of the recent iOS updates from Apple.

Image : iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Update

What might put them off is the fact that jailbreaks have become hard to come by in recent times but, fear not because there is an iOS 10.3 jailbreak waiting for you. Here’s how to download it on your iOS device.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.3 :

You can jailbreak your iOS 10.3 device in two different ways. Both the methods are explained below with tutorial and videos.

Method 1: Safari Method

  1. On your iOS device, open the Safari browser [ don’t bother with any other browser because it won’t work ] 
  2. Go to the address bar and type in 
  3. Tap on Go and when the page has loaded, tap on the UP arrow [ it will be at the top or bottom of your screen ] 
  4. Several new options will now show up on your screen, tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Next, you need to type in a new name for the app icon; type Cydia  and tap on the Add button 
  6. Close Safari and the Cydia app icon will be on your home screen 

Video: Watch this for a demonstration of these steps

Method 2 : Yalu Jailbreak

While Yalu jailbreak is what we have been waiting for, before you install it, there are a few things to know. It was released by Luca Todesco, and, as it is a beta based jailbreak it may still be a little on the buggy side. However, should you experience any problems with it, you can easily delete Yalu jailbreak. Other than that, there are two important facts to be aware of.

Image : Yalu iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

  1. Yalu cannot be installed on your device in the same way that you are used to installing jailbreaks. You will need to use Cydia Impactor to side load it onto your iPhone, or iPad and you must have a valid Apple ID for this to work
  2. Yalu is semi untethered and that means having to re-jailbreak your device whenever it is rebooted [ see our tutorial in the link below ] .

Image : Cydia iOS 10.3

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