Get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 without Upgrading

Apple recently released iOS 9 on Sept 16th 2015 and introduced whole new bunch of exciting iOS features that users can expect when they install iOS 9 on their device . But if you want to enjoy the iOS 9 features on your iOS 8 device without upgrading, then yes, it’s possible with Cydia apps .

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Most of the iOS 9 features actually were lifted from Cydia Tweaks [ jailbreak tweaks ]. Also, iOS 9 features the Split Screen and other multitasking features only in iPad, but with these tweaks you can enjoy all those features on your iPhone too, that too without updating to iOS 9. We will cover a whole list of Cydia tweaks that have been seen on iOS 9 and which can be incorporated to iOS 8 devices too.

Note that you need to jailbreak your device and Download Cydia on it to install the tweaks.

Cydia Apps to Get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 :

1. Split Screen = ReachApp

The new multitasking feature in iOS 9 took everyone by surprise, but Apple made it clear that it would be available on for the iPad Air 2 as of now. Surely, this news will break the hearts of the iPhone users, but did you know that the ‘ReachApp‘ Cydia tweak will give you the same multitasking feature on any jailbroken iOS 8 device including iPad, iPhone, and iPod.

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The Split Screen featured in iOS 9 supports only a few native Apple applications for now, and support for third-party applications will take a while. But with the ReachApp tweak, all the applications can use the feature.

2. Picture in Picture = VideoPane

Another great feature introduced in the new iOS 9 is the Picture in Picture mode. It allows you to place a movable floating window anywhere on the screen. You can use this feature to browse the internet or perform some other task while simultaneously watching a video. But the feature was already brought to the jailbroken devices by the Cydia tweak named VideoPane.


VideoPane actually is better than the native Picture in Picture feature in iOS 9. VideoPane is more user-friendly and supports all the file formats while the iOS 9 feature supports only a few formats.

3. Search In Settings = SearchSettings

Search In settings got a lot of appraisal when Apple released the feature. Of course, it will make the task easier for users so that they can search for exactly the same settings that they want, rather than browsing the whole Settings up.


SearchSettings is a Cydia tweak which introduced the same feature in jailbroken devices. The only difference between this tweak and the native iOS 9 feature is that the one in iOS 9 is placed at the top of the Settings app, while the tweak needs to be accessed from Settings – General.

4. Low Power Mode = BattSaver

Apple claimed that iPhone 6 will now give you an extra one hour of battery life with the ‘Low Power Mode’ on iOS 9. It definitely is a nice idea and very much handy in emergencies when your device is out of juice.


The Cydia tweak named BattSaver is available since long for jailbroken iOS devices. It works similarly like the Low Power Mode and saves battery life by deactivating network and tweaking other power-hogging settings.

5. QuickType = SwipeSelection


iOS 9 brings the QuickType feature to the Apple devices and a pretty useful thing for those who type a lot. In the new Notes app, the feature will allow you to select and cut, copy or edit the text using a simple swipe gesture. But the tweak SwipeSelection is already quite popular for doing the same thing on jailbroken iOS 8 devices, though the QuickType feature is easier, smoother and better in terms of usability.

6. Proactivity App Recommendations = RelevApp

You can access this feature on iOS 9 by simply swiping across the screen, and you will be given the recommendations depending on your current location. The feature is new to many, but the Cydia tweak ‘RelevApp’ already did the same on iOS 8. It provided relevant app suggestions based on the time.


7. Music App Color = ColorFlow

This feature changes the skin of the music player according to the album art of the song. Apple has introduced this feature as Music App Color, but you can get this feature in your jailbroken iOS 8 device through the ‘ColorFlow’ Cydia tweak.

colorflow misoc ios 9

8. Text Contact Photos = ConvoPics

This another cool feature in iOS 9 enables contact photos in the Messaging app. You can try this feature by installing the ConvoPics tweak on your jailbroken iOS 8.

9. Back To App = LastApp

‘Back to App’ feature introduced in iOS 9 is a very handy feature and a very practical feature. For instance, if you are using Facebook on your iOS device and then you tap on a video which takes you to the YouTube app, you will need to press the Home button and browse to the Facebook app again to go to it. But with the ‘Back to App’ option on the top left of the screen, you can effortlessly browse back to the previous app with just a touch.

If you are using iOS 8 and it is jailbroken, you can install the ‘LastApp’ tweak to get the same feature. It enables you to customize the gestures using which you can go back to the last app. You can even set the same gesture as on iOS 9, that is the top left corner, to go back to the previous application.

10. Hourly Battery Tracking = DetailedBatteryUsage


Finally, the ‘DetailedBatteryUsage’ tweak has been adopted in the iOS 9 as ‘Hourly Battery Tracking’. It gives you a detailed report about the usage of battery life by different apps and features, which help you understand which feature you should turn off in order to prolong the battery life.

If you want to try out the features of iOS 9 right now on your iOS 8 device, install these tweaks and enjoy .  For more such tweaks, news, and tutorials, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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