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Those iOS users who want to get iOS 9.1 on their iOS devices should know that iOS 9.1 download links have now been released. You can now download iOS 9.1 and install it [tutorial links below] on your device to enjoy bug-free firmware. Apple had released iOS 9 Download almost a month away and it is no doubt the best iOS firmware till date. However, it did not take long for the users to realize that iOS 9 wasn’t perfect and had its own issues and niggles. Just like every other new firmware, iOS 9 is buggy too and users are fed up with battery issues, performance issues, reboot bugs, etc. Apple, as always, is working hard to make iOS 9 better for the users. Update : iOS 9.1 signing stopped by Apple on 22nd Dec 2015. If you are trying to install iOS 9.1 firmware now , it will give you an error on iTunes – Device Isnt Eligible . To avoid this error , you should install a more later version of the firmware like iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1 .

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ios 9.1 download

New Features in iOS 9.1

One of the biggest additions in iOS 9.1 is Unicode 8, which will be a great addition for emoji lovers. In case you do a lot of texting and use a lot of emojis, then you will be happy to know that iOS 9.1 will bring in new emojis like skiing, golf, volleyball, weightlifting, rain, snowmen, clouds, lion, unicorn, middle finger, etc. There are some new smilies too like hug, thinker, upside down face, nerd, money-mouth face, hotdog, taco, etc.


1-middle-finger-emoji ios 9.1

iOS 9.1 will bring in a lot of performance improvements and bugs fixes under the hood. iOS 9.1 will be more stable and more speedy than iOS 9 and will support the newly launched iPad Pro. This will bring in support for the new Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil, which are the new major accessories that Apple unveiled with the new iPhones and iPad Pro. These accessories will ship only in November, yet iOS 9.1 will prepare beforehand for supporting the stylus and keyboard cover.


Another major improvement in iOS 9.1 download is the improved Siri. Siri can now recognize your voice so that no one else can use Siri, as it will recognize the voice of only the owner of the iOS device. You can go to the Settings app and can train Siri for recognizing your voice specifically. Also, “Hey Siri” will work even when your iPhone is not plugged in.

iOS 9.1 has been improved by a great extent and a large number of iOS 9 vulnerabilities have been resolved. The firmware will now become more stable and performance will be improved by many folds. So if you haven’t updated now, you can now download iOS 9.1 and enjoy a better version of iOS 9.

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