iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Tutorial

iOS 9.1 has been released and so far some people have noticed tremendous improvements on their iOS devices. If you are looking for iOS 9.1 jailbreak , keep reading below for the latest iOS 9.1 jailbreak released on 11th March 2016 and how you can jailbreak iOS 9.1 using Pangu 9 jailbreak tool , video tutorial included.

Image : iOS 9.1 Jailbreak

ios 9.1 jailbreak

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.1 :

The installation of Cydia on your device means jailbreaking iOS 9.1 . There are two methods of doing this .

Method 1 : Using dedicated Jailbreak installer like Pangu 9 v1.3.0. PC  or Mac required .

Method 2 : Using Safari method to download Cydia app icon without Jailbreak . No PC required .

Method 1 : Using iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Tool

pangu 9.1 jailbreak v1.1.0 ios9c

Here is a a full step by step tutorial given for iOS 9 – iOS 9.1 jailbreak using the following tools. If you are on iOS 9.0.2 or later , make sure you are prepared for iOS 9.1 jailbreak. Here is a short guide on how to and what to do before jailbreaking iOS 9.1 .

  • Pangu 9 [version 1.3.0 released for windows and version 1.1.0 for mac]
  • Taig 9

Method 2 : Quick Download Cydia App icon on iOS 9.1

If you are looking to get Cydia on iOS 9.1 , while waiting for the iOS 9.1 jailbreak installer to release , this tip might come in handy .

  1. On your iOS 9.1 device launch Safari browser and search this term “ios 9.1 jailbreak” without the quotes as shown in the image below . safari_ios_9ios 9.1 jailbreak search
  2. In the search results find the page with the url that says . Simply tap on that link to open the page which is specially designed to download the Cydia app icon on iOS 9.1 .[ those who cannot find the result , can simply open this link in their browser  ]  ios_9_jailbreak2_copy
  3. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click the UP arrow as shown here . iPad also supported now. ios_9_jailbreak2
  4. Now tap Add to Homescreen . ios_9_jailbreak3
  5. Things brings up option to save the Cydia icon . Name it Cydia if not already , then Tap on Add ios_9_jailbreak_cydia2
  6. Now  you have Cydia app icon on iOS 9.1 . Open the app icon to stay updated to iOS 9.1 jailbreak status . ios_9_cydia_home_screen copy

Video : Here is the step by step video instruction for above process

Update 1 : iOS 9.1 signing has been stopped by Apple, so newer devices cannot downgrade back to iOS 9.1. If you still have iOS 9.1 installed on your device , follow the given tutorial below to jailbreak your device , or otherwise move to the next jailbreakable firmware . Read iOS 9 Jailbreak articles for more updates .

Extensify – Tweaks on Stock iOS 9.1 ?

extensify ios 9.1

It was quite a many weeks ago when we had told you about Extensify 9.1 [ ext link – ]. This app is a tweak store for stock iOS firmware and lets you install tweaks and customize your iOS device without jailbreaking. It is not a replacement for Cydia, but it can help until a jailbreak arrives. Extensify was scheduled to release after the iOS 9 release, but there is no word on it yet.

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  1. It is public knowledge that iOS 9.1 CANNOT be jailbroken. So everything on this site is wrong if you are on 9.1! Only 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 can be jailbroken this way.

  2. what could anyone want or need a jailbreak for now? what is it specificly that the phone will do or better yet not do that the jailbreak will fix? only reason i wanted it was i still have an unlimited data package on verizon and they raised the price to 49.95 so i want to grab mywi and get my moneys worth.i wanna try and get 150gb in a month.

    • I have sprint unlimited data and talk/text I pay $203 for 2 phones and 1 tablet and sprint dose not offer free hotspots you have to pay. With the jail (what I use it for) it to just add hotspot settings in my phone so I can hook my devices on the go.

      • Sprint will still shut you down because they will be able to tell you are tethering your data. Those apps on cydia that claim can hide that from providers are bogus. I myself have tried

      • If you’re using a Cydia jailbroken service in order to route your cell data over Wi-Fi… Basically using as a hotspot, your cell provider has no way of knowing. Certain cell providers have Wi-Fi hotspot plans… But I can absolutely confirm that my iPhone is jailbroken, and that I use apps from Cydia to tether my data and my cell data companies have no idea that it’s being done. It’s not possible for them to know because it’s being done within the phone. You still use up your data as if you normally would because most people don’t have unlimited plans anymore ….. But if done properly the cell phone provider will absolutely not have a single clue

  3. Is there going to be a jailbreak for IOS 9.1? I have been reading that they are going to skip 9.1 and wait until 9.2, but I also read that if they do jailbreak 9.1 they will get the $1 million bounty that is in for jail breaking iOS 9.*.

  4. Here’s my problem. When I go to it brings me to this site. 😖😖😖😖 and I really need to jailbreak my idevic.

    • You cannot jailbreak iOS 9.1. You can jailbreak if u have iOS 9.01-9.02. Apple is coming out with iOS 9.2. So no one is sure yet weather they will jailbreak iOS 9.1 or wait till iOS 9.2. Either way a jailbreak for that is coming

    • You cannot jailbreak iOS 9.1. You can jailbreak if u have iOS 9.01-9.02. Apple is coming out with iOS 9.2. So no one is sure yet weather they will jailbreak iOS 9.1 or wait till iOS 9.2. Either way a jailbreak for that is coming. Just have paitients

    • Has anyone figured out what a big game this all is…it keeps repeating itself over and over. 9.1 then 9.2 then 9.3…quit updating your software if you want to keep it jailbroken

  5. iOS 9.x jailbreak should be out by now but sadly it’s not. And mostly important is there is no way to revert back to previous iOS versions due to Apple no longer signing those ipsw’s and I have yet to figure out how to sign the IPSW’s myself.

    • Nobody really knows.. There are some rumors saying a jailbreak will be released before the end of the year, some others say in Q1 of 2016. My guess they will wait for the public release of 9.2. Since the exploits are much harder to find these days, I think they want a wider range of iOS versions that can be jailbroken. Maybe I’m all wrong, it’s just guessing. I’m desperate for a 9.1 jailbreak as well. Keep an eye on their Twitter accounts for the latest legitimate info.

  6. I have a iPhone 4/s and I have 9.1 on it I am seeing so many contradictions some say it can be jail broken and some say not can anyone please help how do I do it if I can.

  7. I have IPhone 4/s and have version 9.1 on it can it be jail broke if so how so many are saying it can and also saying can’t. Lol please help

  8. I dont understand… SO is there a jailbreak for iPhone 6S iOS 9.1 or no? Above we se THERE is… in comments theres no jailbreak :/ This article is confusing me :/

  9. Cydia, has been very destructive to iphones lately, I read about the jailbreak lot, and I work with people who say not to jailbreak your iphone, it releases stuff off your phone that allows hackers to target you.

    • It ist noch jailbreak out yet! Herr is only a Tutorial how it work when ist released. I thought First Time too i find a jailbreak here….

  10. For the people who say that iOS 9.1 has been publicly announced aka BS that’s what they say about every iOS update but yet again they always find a way to bring Happiness to our faces

  11. I am not positive the place you are getting your information, but great topic. I must spend a while studying more or working out more. Thanks for magnificent information I was on the lookout for this information for my mission.

  12. Guys there is no iOs 9.1 jailbreaks as of yet apart from a semi jailbreak which is quite useless. Read about it on Pangu.

    If you want to jailbreak your iOs 9.1 devices i suggest you downgrade to iOs 9.0.2. Details stated on Pangu. Pangu is a free software that you can use to jailbreak your devices (Supported version is 9.0.2 and below)

    I have successfully Jailbroken my iPhone 5s (iOs 9.0.2) with the help of Pangu. Good luck and hope for the best. They should have a iOs 9.1 jailbreak soon.

  13. Needs to be away to install an older iOS onto your jailbroken device even if Apple is not sign it… You use to be able to trick iTunes, but Apple fix iTunes so you can’t do that… So somebody must be able to come up with a piece of software that tricks the phone or the iPad into thinking that it’s plugged into iTunes and downloading a signed version of an older iOS version for the device .. In anybody could downgrade then

  14. I have an iPad pro, and it came with iOS 9 .0 .2… But unfortunately my older iPad air to add iOS 9 .1 so when I went to restore the data, it refused to restore until I upgraded the pro to 9.1

    So now I just have to kick back and wait for 9.2 jailbreak to come out… I would love to jailbreak the pro because it has four freaking gigabytes of memory and has the most powerful CPU and GPU’s out of any iPad yet

    • I’m still keeping my iPad Air to… As I’m using my iPad pro mostly for multimedia, watching TV while in bed, playing certain games… But gaming on the pro is not very realistic unless you have some kind of stand because it will make your hands ache due to the weight and the corners would dig in the palms of your hands… But it’s nice having two because whenever my iPhone 6s Plus rings, it forwards text messages and phone calls to both of my iPads while they are on the same lan network – regardless of what Wi-Fi access point they are each connected to

      Nice to be able to watch a video show on the iPad Pro and browse the web on the iPad air 2….sure and picture is great even on the iPad Pro… But the picture gets in the way of the webpage and is really not that big enough… So using two devices makes more sense

  15. Any one here to help me.? I tried all of those jalibreaking tools like pangu, taig, keen by following YouTube tutorials. Its a sh**t job . No results totally . Finally I got a semi jailbreak by installing vshare. There are many apps available at free cost like GTA , Leo’s fortune etc ., which are to paid on AppStore. Now What is cydia? And what is this vshare? Im using 5s with ios 9.1. Clarify me,

  16. I Have An Ipod5 that am trying to jailbreak but all the websites that i go to doesn’t let me download any profiles to install it to my ipod ( update 9.1 )

    • The taig team is working on the jailbreak for ios 9.1. And it is expected that the jailbreak for ios 9.1 and 9.2 will be out together.

  17. We Are Going to release ios 9.2 jb in 2-3 days and no jb for ios 9.1 is Comming due to security reasons so please make sure your device is running ios 9.2 not ios 9.1 please update your device

  18. I can’t get into cydia it keeps taking me to read on how to download the app when I already did it does this every time I open the app

  19. Dec 10 Cydia posted that jailbreak will be available for 9.2 within 2-3 days, what happen?

    I need to sell my iPhone that now has 9.2

    9.1 version was not possible to jailbreak, and now 9.2 is having problems.

    I need to buy a iPhone with 9.0 version or lower

  20. I just bought an IPhone hoping that have still 9.02 installed but it was just a dream….
    I start to believe that it is also a dream to have a new jaibreak for 9.1 or 9.2

  21. If only older versions of iOS were still available! I could’ve just downloaded am IPSW file and then jailbreak but Apple cut them all off.

  22. I want to know that can I jailbreak iOS 9.1 ,today I got a mail by cydia that jailbreak iOS 9.1 released,is it true or not….:(

  23. I have a 5c that’s been blacklisted lost for AT&T and I activated it for str8tAlk prePaid.Found out that straighttalk uses AT&T towers so I’m wondering why they activated it knowing it was reported. It only worked for 2 hours then calls and texts were blocked. It still works on wifi FaceTimeing and I get iMessages too.What can I do to get a new imei that isn’t blacklisted so this thing calls

    • 9.2 jailbreak is going to take months to fix, I sold my iPhone with 9.2 and got another iPhone with 8.1 version, I hate to wait to long … grrrrrrrrrrr

  24. YES!!!!!!
    I received my iPhone 5s with 8.1 version that I won on eBay.
    Time to jailbreak this phone. I’m never buying another iPhone with 9.0 or higher
    There will be to many problems with the 9 version. Apple has got the 9 version locked down

  25. when we can expect you to release jealbreak ios 9.1
    it might be take long time to release or we will get it soon
    answer me please ……????

  26. If a Jailbreak for iOS 9,1 is released, will I be able to use it to revert my iPad 2 to iOS7?

    My iPad is now horrendously slow. Upgrading the iOS was a huge mistake.

  27. So the only reason I do this is to get the tether option to use my phones unlimited internet on my computer! Well originally I Bought the phone at release and jailbroke it! Then a month ago I had to replace it do to the camera being out of alignment! Of course I backed up my phone and restored it so the jailbreak was no longer their! When I got my new Phone of course it was already at 9.1. Well I restored from back up and went to see if I could find a 9.1 Jailbreak…. I could not…. BUT with further inspection I realized that the back up had restored my tether in my settings which is not their if you don’t 1. enable it or 2. Jailbreak your phone! Somehoe the restore of a back returned the tether app back into the phone and let it enable! I can again use my phone as internet for my computer :)

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