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Apple has been consistently working hard on improving iOS 9 right since it released the firmware last month for the public. As is always the problem with new firmware, iOS 9 was buggy and a lot of fixes and improvements were needed. Nevertheless, Apple has always been dedicated towards giving the best to its users, which is why Apple continued working around iOS 9 and released iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.0.2 in a very short span of time. The major update came with iOS 9.1, which was released a few days ago. And in what seems like an expected move, Apple has just seeded iOS 9.2. Update 1 : iOS 9.2.1 download released by Apple. Check out the linked article for more details . Update 2 [ 5th Feb 2016 ] : Apple stopped signing the iOS 9.2 firmware. This means you can no longer install iOS 9.2 on your iOS device and when you try to install iOS 9.2 on your device manually using iTunes via ipsw method , iTunes will return an error “This device is not eligible for the requested build“. Skip to iOS 9.2.1 for more information .

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ios 9.2 download

That’s right folks. iOS 9.2 is now available for download to all supported devices  As the release comes a month after the release of iOS 9.1 firmware , we don’t expect it to carry any major updates apart from some minor bug fixes or performance improvements. Having said that, it is still very good to see that Apple is committed to providing the best iOS experience to its users always. As seen with the iOS 9.1 betas, we expect Apple to keep practising the same release schedule for all the iOS 9.2 releases . An educated guess says that the next iOS 9.2.x update will be released a week or at the most two weeks later. Also, now that the iOS 9.2 has been seeded, the iOS 9.2 jailbreak progress will surely speed up.

How to Install iOS 9.2 :

Coming back to iOS 9.2  , we have already made a guess that the firmware will not be carrying any major changes over iOS 9.1 apart from some minor enhancements. We will surely let you know if we find something new in this firmware. Till then, you can download and test out iOS 9.2 using our iOS 9 installation tutorial.

iOS 9.2 Download Links :

iOS 9.2 Beta Links :

  • beta 1 [ with download and installation guide ]
  • beta 2 [ released – 3rd Nov 2015 ]
  • beta 3 [ released – 11th Nov 2015 ]
  • beta 4 [ released – 17th Nov 2015 ]
  • beta 5 [ not released ]

In case you want to download iOS 9.2 beta on your iOS device, you can also do so without UDID registration or developer account. You can also check out our easy iOS 9 beta installation guide.

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  1. Apple fixed the search functionality in Mail (although it’s still boggy, it’s a bit faster, although slower than searching under iOS 8).

    Now if they’d only fix the search feature in Notes, to fix what they broke!

    Under iOS 8, searching in Notes would bring up all occurrences in each of the notes where it found the search term, and clicking on a listed result would jump directly to the hit where it was found within the note.

    Under iOS 9, it shows the term highlighted in the results, but clicking on the found note doesn’t result in jumping directly to wherever it occurs within the note.

  2. The one annoying bug I’ve found is that it’s not possible to access your app store account. That bug showed up in beta 1 and continues in beta 2. Hopefully beta 3 will correct the problem…

  3. On u tube there is a jailbreak for iOS 9.1 using pangu 9 program, when you download it opens a page to download cydia with 1 app cooking fever that doesn’t work! & it says u need to download 3 more to unlock the page, I have tried loads of app’s with no joy !!! Duss anyone no wot app’s are needed to unlock the page??? I would be very grateful.

  4. It keeps saying that the firmware is corrupt.
    Im trying to instal 9.2 on my Ipad mini WIFI
    When i installed 9.0 it crashed, and now it shows the Itunes sign + Plug in
    Tried everything to restore it. but all the firmwares i use are ”corrupt”
    any help?

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