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When iOS 9.3.4 was dropped on us it was for one reason only – to patch PPHelper jailbreak for iOS 9.2 to iOS 9.3.3. With iOS 10 well on the way to public release, we could have been forgiven for thinking that Apple would leave it at that but they haven’t. There are awesome app installers for iOS 9.3.5 for free apps download , like Emus4U app.Instead, they have just released iOS 9.3.5. We Don’t know yet what the release is for, apart from a few performance and speed enhancements but, as soon as we know if there are any special features or particular bug fixes we’ll update this post.

Image : iOS 9.3.5 Download

ios 9.3.5 download

How to Download iOS 9.3.5 :

There are three ways to get iOS 9.3.5 onto your iOS device. First, if you have used PPHelper to jailbreak your iOS device, do NOT update as there is no jailbreak beyond iOS 9.3.3 at this stage.

Method 1 : OTA [ Over The Air ]

This is the most common and quickest method of updating but, if you intend to jailbreak in the future, do not use this method:

  1. Ensure you have a good working WiFi connection. Do not use cellular data as this is quite a large update
  2. To update, open Settings > General > Software Update 
  3. Your iOS device will search for the update
  4. When it finds it, tap on Download and Install ios 9.3.5 ota ipad
  5. If requested, type in your passcode
  6. Tap on Agree on the Terms and Conditions page
  7. Tap Install Now and leave your device to update to iOS 9.3.5

Method 2 : iTunes Update

  1. Ensure you are running the latest iTunes version on your PC or Mac
  2. Connect your iOS device to your computer
  3. Open iTunes
  4. Open Device Summary for your device
  5. Click Check for Update itunes update iphone
  6. Click Download and Updateios 9.3.5 itunes
  7. iTunes will update your iOS device to iOS 9.3.5

Method 3 : iTunes using IPSW File

  1. Download the iOS 9.3.5 IPSW [ links below ] that relates to your specific iOS device
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Connect your device to your computer
  4. Open Device Summary for the iOS device you are updating
  5. Hold down the SHIFT [ Windows ] or ALT [ Mac ] key and click Restore in iTunes simultaneously itunes restore
  6. Locate the iOS 9.3.5 IPSW file you downloaded and select it  
  7. Follow the on onscreen instructions and iTunes will begin the update process
  8. When the update has finished, your iOS device will reboot into iOS 9.3.5

iOS 9.3.5 IPSW Links :

Error During iOS 9.3.5 Update :

iOS 9.3.5 firmware signing has stopped. This means you can no longer install iOS 9.3.5. If you try doing this , iTunes will return an error “This device is not eligible for the requested build”.

Other Useful Links :

Don’t forget , if you are already using PPHelper jailbreak or are intending to install it anytime soon, Do NOT update your device to iOS 9.3.5. We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest news if you Subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

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  1. I have a 3rd gen iPad that was bricked after update bout 2 years back. It is not jailbroken. Any tips on getting it up and running?

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