iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak

iOS 9 has been the subject of, not just one but several jailbreak utilities and all three of them go up to an include iOS 9.3.5. This is the very last version of iOS 9 to be released before iOS 10 is released. The jailbreaks we have cover all devices on iOS 9.3.5 download. The guides below tell you how to install each of the jailbreaks on your iOS 9.3.5 device.

Image : iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak Update

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 :

These are the three methods to get iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak on your iPhone and iPad right now and all three can be found below . Follow the tutorial for detailed step by step process.

Method 1 : Safari Method

  1. Launch Safari on your iOS device ios 10 safari
  2. In the address box, type in as shown in the image here ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c0 (1) copy
  3. This will open a page designed for downloading the Cydia app icon. Now tap on the UP arrow at the bottom of the page if you are using an iPhone or top right if you are on an iPad. ios 9 jailbreak safari0
  4. Now tap on Add to Home Screen on the Options windowios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c3
  5. Name your app icon Cydia . Tap on Add ios_10_jailbreak_safari_ios9c4
  6. Close Safari and you will see the Cydia app icon on your iOS 9.3.5 device home page ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10
  7. Now you will now have full access iOS 9.3.5 Cydia jailbreak and updates.

Video : This video shows you the above steps

Method 2 : Home Depot Jailbreak

Home Depot was released to fill in an obvious gap in the current jailbreak market, the older iOS devices, which have been omitted from other jailbreaks. Home Depot is a beta jailbreak, which means it will be somewhat buggy, it is semi-untethered and you must use Cydia Impactor to side-load it to your iPhone or iPad. Check out the article below for a full guide on installing Home Depot jailbreak on iOS 9.3.5:

Method 3: Phoenix Jailbreak

A new jailbreak has been released and it’s called Phoenix Jailbreak. It offers support for all iOS devices on iOS 9.3.5 and was developed by a group of different developers, including Luca Todesco and the developer behind Prometheus Jailbreak. Phoenix is ready for download now and you can find full instructions on how to download Phoenix at the given link, where we provide you with a step-by-step guide.

Be aware that you need your Apple ID and Cydia Impactor to download Phoenix Jailbreak on your iOS device and it is a semi-untethered jailbreak. It works on both Windows and Mac OS operating systems

Which jailbreak are you going to use ? For more jailbreak news and updates, follow us on Facebook .

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    1. Pardon my ignorance but once I’ve completed the cydia process described above, I have the icon just like it says I should; what next??? I just went thru the exact same thing with another process, it had me download solitaire & play it to jailbreak. But in both cases I end up asking the same question, what next? Is my phone jail broke? I’m simply trying to sell my iPhone 4s & everybody wants it to be jailbroke. So, can I now say its jailbroke??? Thanks

  1. Can I use PPHelper to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4? When I run PPHelper on my Windows computer I get a different screen than what you show on the tutorial! The text is all Chinese! Not sure what to do next!

  2. Thank you for the easy to use tools. I cannot explain how immensely useful the tutorial for jailbreak is . The Safari method ddnt work for me though , the second one did.

  3. Is this dead?

    Is anybody working on 9.3.5 jailbreak?

    I’m confused as to why so many sites have a guide for jailbreaking that consists of saving an Internet shortcut to the home screen. Am I missing something?

    If anybody has a real method of jailbreaking the 9.3.5 iPad mini please let me know. I normally deal with Android. The Apple world is so full of spamming cretins.

  4. Guys I got iPad Pro 12.9 on iOS 9.3.3 I tried with impactor and I manage to jailbreak it but only for short time :( my cidya disappear and I can’t get it back. I tried many time to do the same proces to jail beak it again but every time after pressing go and reboot it tells me iPad is jailbroken but I don’t see cidya icon no where . Any help will be much appreciate I’m still on iOS 9.3.3
    Regards and all best

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