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At the start of July, the yearly one-day Mobile Security conference was held in Shanghai. Better known as MOSEC, this year’s conference was co-hosted by Pangu jailbreak team. The last time we heard from Pangu was when they released the iOS 9.1 jailbreak, some time ago now and the lack of communication since then has made some of the iOS 9.3 – iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak community convinced that we won’t have another jailbreak. But it all changed with the release of PPHelper iOS 9.3 – iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak.

Image : iOS 9.3 – iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak

ios 9.3 jailbreak cydia

How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.x :

You can download Cydia onto your iOS device with or without a computer. To get the PPHelper jailbreak onto your iOS device, you can choose from these three methods listed below , where Method 1 and 3 users a computer and Method 2 uses direct method for Cydia download.

Method 1 : PPHelper Jailbreak

ppjailbreak pp med

PPHelper jailbreak tool can be installed on your iOS device using your Windows PC. The link provides you with a full tutorial which, if you follow it carefully, will show you how to download PPHelper jailbreak tool onto your iOS device using your Windows PC. The given link takes you to a step by step tutorial that takes you through the whole process .

Method 2 : Safari Method for iOS 9.3.x Jailbreak

  1. First launch Safari web browser on your iOS 9.3.x device. Please note that using any other browser like Chrome , Opera Mini will not work on this method . safari_ios_9
  2. Now simply type in this site address in your Safari browser url bar which would then open the mobile version of the page as shown here .ios_9_jailbreak2_copy
  3. Now in the bottom of the screen you will notice a UP arrow , Tap on that to bring in a new options page ios_9_jailbreak2
  4. Here you will get the option to Add to HomeScreen to download iOS 9.3.x cydia on the phone . Tap on that . ios_9_jailbreak3
  5. This will allow you to name the cydia app , keep its name as Cydia and tap on Add to proceed ios_9_jailbreak_cydia_add
  6. You now got Cydia icon on iOS 9.3.x. Open the app icon to stay updated to iOS 9.3 – iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak status .ios_9_cydia_home_screen copy

Video : Detailed step by step tutorial for the above process

Things to Remember :

  1. The PPHelper jailbreak tool will only work on Windows. When a Mac version is released, we’ll provide you with everything you need to jailbreak
  2. PPHelper is in the Chinese language only although an English language version will be made available soon
  3. If you have an older 32-bit device, it is not compatible with PPHelper jailbreak – it will only work on the newer 64 bit devices

Supported Devices :

Whether a version of the tool will ever be produced for 32-bit devices is something we don’t know at this stage. For now, the following devices are the ones that the jailbreak is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPod Touch 6

Method 3 : Pangu 9.3 Installer

pangu 9.3 jb0


The Pangu 9.3 installer has yet to be released but, when it is, it will certainly make life easier for you. If you want to be advised when the installer is ready to use, subscribe to our free email newsletter below and follow us on Facebook We’ll send the updates direct to your email inbox.

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52 thoughts on “iOS 9.3 Jailbreak”

  1. I tried it twice , only then it worked. It failed the first time i tried to download cydia on my device. works perfectly now. Thank you Jailbreak teams

  2. Waited too long now come on people . release the jailbreak tool for PC . i dont have internet on my phone. cant use this method

  3. That’s correct guys!! That’s the purpose to make fun to us & wait something will take along time to release.And when they will release it ,are going to ask us to support them by donating them.Screw them!!!!

  4. If they want to support them and donate must release a jb tool .Most people had to move to 9.2 cause the bugs of 9.x and waiting for a jb tool so long….

  5. U send mail saying that jb is ready and I open the site and just read jailbreak is only available for iPhone and iPad !! Where’s the Mac / PC release ? Been waiting month and half for 9.3 JB

  6. I KNEW IT!! They skipped 9.1 because of 9.2. They said they’ll skip 9.2 because of 9.2.1 and I even said when 9.3 comes out they’ll say it’ll be better to jaïlbreak that. I don’t think there will be a jailbreak. All they do is push it off. Next 9.3.1 will come out and they’ll push it to that.

  7. They seriously need to stop pushing it off. Why keep doing it. Soon there won’t be a jailbreak at all because they will keep pushing it off and they will lose their chance…

    • If they release iOS 9.1 or 9.2 jailbreak not as many people will get it because of what it says all over the Internet iOS 9.3 jailbreak Pangu to be released on official update.
      And the way they get there money is by people downloading and donating but not many people with iOS 9.3 or 9.2.1 will download and donate.
      Thanks Joel : )

  8. It’s total BS and this guy Luca Todesco teases us about finding it and won’t release it WTF! The chineses hackers always are willing too release and not tease us. Kudos too pangu and taig I’ll be waiting for your developments in the scenario that suggest that a jailbreak might be released soon.

  9. The way I look at it you have a few options…..#1 learn how to exploit apple software to make your own jailbreak #2 buy a f*cking android phone #3 if you still insist in buying iPhone then STOP b*tching! get over your it, jailbreaks are a bonus, not a guarantee! You are NOT entitled to a jailbreak in Pangu or Taig decide they want to be nice enough to provide you with a F*cking FREE software then they will do so.


  11. You guys realize that if they release jailbreak too early, apple will patch it quicker so a jailbreak for ios9.3, etc. won’t be released as easily or quickly. So please stop b1tch1ng and wait for it. I’m as impatient as the lot of you but at least I appreciate what TaiG and Pangu are doing, I will continue to support and donate as much as I can .

    also this website is trying to let you all know the latest info on the jb so stop being pu$$ies.

  12. “Let’s push it off to 9.2. Let’s push it off to 9.2.1. Let’s push it off to 9.3.” There is so reason to keep pushing it off. You should already know that Apple will keep releasing iOS versions. Soon there won’t be a jaïlbreak because it’ll keep getting pushed off…..

  13. Love reading people crying about a jb, knowing we aren’t suppose to be even using it, just be thankful for teams out there that are even trying to jb any version, I wanna say thanks to all thous keeping us updated and thous making the jb’s, you flamers can go f-yourselves

  14. Thanks to all the hackers and jailbreak teams for all the hard work and efforts in getting the exploits, nonetheless, from the trend of things it appears that apple keeps releasing betas every two weeks or so , therefore if jail breakers are to always be waiting on a major update before releasing a tool the iOS community will be forever lying in wait … ofcourse I’m just a happy user still on 8.4 Jb and I’m still loving my phone .

  15. It’s funny how you guys are getting tipped off because the jailbreak isn’t stable, just try to jailbreak yourself, and also it’s his work, maybe he wants to think about it and release it

  16. I’m on iOS 9.3 Beta with my iPad mini and iPhone 6S Plus. I share the same Apple ID on both. I want to jailbreak my iPad only. If I jailbreak (iPad) Will this cause issues on my iPhone since they have the same Apple ID ?

  17. Jailbreaking is a dying art and the fact that money has taken over!!! With teams holding out or just that they can’t jailbreak the recent iOS. Apple are winning the battle with a new iOS update every few weeks and not signing past iOS’s it’s becoming very hard now to jailbreak iOS 9.x.x. I’m going to call it and say anything past iOS 9.2.2 say will be very difficult to jailbreak or nigh impossible, so we will see the jailbreak community fade away :(. I hope I’m wrong cos I love the jailbreak community.

    The Judge

  18. waited toooooo long
    you cant jailbreak the ios 9.2 and 9.2.1 and 9.3
    i was ready to donate
    but now.. it is boring and it’s obvious that the jailbreaking tool is impossible to release…
    Apple’s win

  19. Why nobody is publishing the jailbreak of 9.3(9.3.1), only cause half of the community isn’t nice to them? The other half are hopefully believing on the hackers just for this JB..

  20. So I just read on some geeky website that Apple plans to patch everything that can be used to jailbreak iOS. If the teams don’t find an exploit soon, there may not be a jailbreak.

    I think this round goes to Apple. 😕

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