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iOS 9 is one of the most advanced iOS firmwares and just like the previous iOS releases, there has been a lot of hype and enthusiasm around its release. iOS 9 allows download of Emus4U app which is a “JAILBREAK FREE” solution to download premium apps for free. And when it was finally released on 16th September, the Apple servers saw tremendous number of iOS 9 download by users worldwide. Perhaps millions of iOS users were downloading and Installing iOS 9 and the load was so heavy that it gave a tough time to the Apple servers resulting in Update Errors . Well this explains how awesome the new firmware actually is. Keep readings for links of iOS 9 latest firmware files .

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ios 9 download

iOS 9 testing had been going on for more than a month before it was finally released to the public. So this has resulted in an extremely stable and smooth firmware. And with so many new features included, iOS 9 is simply irresistible. This will be very welcome considering the problems that iOS 8 has caused, some of which still haven’t been fixed for some people. Many users are still suffering with Wi-Fi, Battery, and Bluetooth issues and it is not looking likely that these will be ever fixed on older firmwares .

How to Install iOS 9 :

As mentioned earlier, iOS 9 was downloaded by millions of iOS users right at the moment when it was launched. This directly proves that iOS 9 was worth the wait and now that it is available, you should wait no more and install iOS 9 it right away on your iOS device.

iOS 9 Supported Devices :

iOS 9 will run on all the iOS devices that can run iOS 8. Here is the full list of devices supported by iOS 9 :

  • iPhone
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

If your device is in this list, then you can go ahead and install iOS 9. But if your iOS device is not in this list, then unfortunately you won’t be able to run iOS 9. However, with the release of so many new iOS devices along with iOS 9, it is high time now that you upgrade to the latest iOS device so that you don’t miss out on the latest features and technologies. To get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 using your older device , read the post here.

Download iOS 9 IPSW Links :

iOS 9 Installation Errors :

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with iOS 9. It is just that many users faced update errors when they tried to download the iOS 9 update. However, this actually happened because so many users from all around the world tried downloading the new firmware all at the same time, thus resulting in Apple’s servers to overload.

These problems are temporary though and will resolve in a day or two once the load on the Apple servers lightens. Above links come with solutions for these problems . Click on them to read the relevant article .

Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8 :

Sorry , downgrading iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 has stopped long time. You can only downgrade to an older iOS 9 version , like downgrading from iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 9.0.1 or downgrading from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.0.2 . Everytime Apple releases a firmware , it stops signing the last one so nobody could install it .

iOS 9.3.5 Jailbreak :

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