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Have you heard the good news yet ? iOS 9 has been jailbroken, Yes ! Reputable jailbreak team Pangu has released Pangu 9 jailbreak app for iOS 9 upto iOS 9.0.2 out of a sudden without any prior notice . This comes as a welcome surprise for iOS 9 jailbreakers. Keep reading for iOS 9 Jailbreak tutorial with video instructions below .

Image : iOS 9 Jailbreak Update
ios 9 jailbreak update


How to iOS 9 Jailbreak Tutorial :

Now the installation part . There are three main methods to jailbreak . All of them are explained below along with step by step tutorial for starters as well as pro-jailbreakers. Also listed are individual jailbreak tutorials for every iOS 9 firmware release .

Recent :

Latest :

Older :

  • iOS 8 [ detailed tutorial – ext link ]
  • iOS 7 [ detailed tutorial – ext link ]

Method 1 : Pangu Jailbreak

Pangu 9 jailbreak tools is available for Windows and Mac users. Pangu is a dedicated Cydia installer and can jailbreak [untethered] your device . You need to follow the tutorials and backup your device first using iCloud or iTunes. Only proceed when you have done a backup .

  1. First download Pangu 9 jailbreak tool for your computer
  2. Extract the files on your desktop and launch the program [ Windows users Run as Administratoradmin mode pangu 9
  3. Connect your device to the computer using the lightning cable and disable Touch ID and Passcode . Also disable Find My iPhone you have enabled it . touch id passcode iphone 6 ios 8
  4. Allow Pangu to detect your device . Then click on the Start button on the screen . pangu 9pangu 9.0.2 jailbreak
  5. Allow Pangu to jailbreak your device and keep the device untouched unless asked to so do. pangu_9_jailbreak_screen
  6. Several times during the process you will be asked to turn on the airplane mode on your device . Do this by going to Settings > Airplane mode
  7. Your device will now reboot and you will see Cydia icon on your homescreen . pangu ios 9 jailbreak1pangu 9 jailbreak success
  8. Tap to launch Cydia ios_9_cydia_home_screen
  9. Configure Cydia for use and start downloading your favorite Cydia Tweaks . cydia_initialize_preparing_file_system
  10. Some of these tweaks are listed here . But note that since they just released a jailbreak , some tweaks may not be compatible with the new iOS firmware. Be sure to check iOS 9 compatibility before downloading. We have compiled a list of such tweaks here .
    cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3

Note : Delete Cydia App from your device would require you to restore it back using iTunes or using Cydia Impactor tool incase you don’t want to Restore to a newer firmware. The process to reverse jailbreak has become very easy nowadays , so there is no worry of your device going bad . If you get Pangu Errors [ext link] , read this article for possible solutions .


Method 2 : Home Depot Jailbreak

Home Depot jailbreak has also been released for iOS 9.3.x and is focused on providing a utility only for 32-bit devices. It isn’t a straightforward jailbreak because it can’t be installed straight onto your iOS device; you need to sideload load it and it is also a semi-untethered jailbreak so, every time your device is rebooted, you must rejailbreak it. Nevertheless, you can find a step-by-step tutorial on installing Home Depot jailbreak in the link below

Method 3 : PPHelper Jailbreak

PPHelper jailbreak for iOS 9.2 upto iOS 9.3.3 was released as a joint effort by PP Assistant and Pangu jailbreak teams but it only works on 64-bit devices. Like Home Depot, it too is a semi-untethered jailbreak and must be side-loaded using Cydia Impactor. For more details and a full guide, check out the linked article below.

The jailbreak teams try hard to keep us supplied with good utilities to use and, with three to choose for, we are somewhat spoilt for choice this time around. Let us know which one you go for and follow us on Facebook for all the latest news.

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  1. wow , you add an cydia app and it works just like that , i love that ” You will now have your Cydia on iOS 9 downloaded on iPhone homescreen as shown below .” hhhhh nice !!

  2. Hi try to jailbraik my ios 9 but impossible the shortcut alwaus launch safari page and not installation. My iphone is under yet in iOS 9 but the 9.01 is already downloaded on my iphone but not installed, this is the problem? and how to solve

  3. If you do the untethered jailbreak on iPhone 6, can your phone still receive and update the Apple firmware such as 9.1.0 when it comes out, or will you have to restore to get updates? Thanks

    • Every update you do deletes the jailbreak . So everytime you update you have to re-install cydia [if that firmware is jailbreakable that is ]

  4. I could some help. I went through Method 1 above which seems super straight forward. Problem is, every time I click on the Cydia app, it doesn’t load, but goes back to the site from which I downloaded the app. I’m running ios 9.0.2. Ideas?

  5. Its great news that Jailbreak for iOS 9.1 have been releaed, I am so much exitied with this news, now I will enjoy my tweaks again.
    Is this jailbreak word with iPAd or not and when will be jailbreak released for iPad mini?
    Waiting to jailbreak. Thanks

  6. iPhone 6 plus: iOS 9.0.2

    Pangu gets to 95% the phone reboots, pangu resets and never gets to jailbreak finished screen, and cydia is never installed.

    • I’ve gotten this to work, I’ve had to redo this process 3 times as you will see below but I cannot get cydia to work after it installs I get the whole /var/lib/dpkg/status file not found error. So I redo the jailbreak. Each time I do this I have to run the jailbreak a magic 3 times before it actually works and every time cydia fails to install properly.

      • Depends on what you mean new? I just updated from ios8 with the taig jb to 9.0.2 and the pangu9 jb.

        I have 7 devices here, 5s, 4x 6, 2x 6+, I get the same result on all of them. I was having issues with the jailbreak even working, but I have solved that by not letting vmware fusion connect the device to windows till the phone is fully booted back up and airplane mode is enabled and the photos app is open. These issues were discovered elsewhere and discussed on redit.

        The cydia issue would be easy to fix if there were some way to enable ssh w/o cydia but since the status file is corrupt/missing you ant install openSSH.

  7. Because noone has jailbroken the iOS for iPad yet, you have to wait. Right now Pangu9 1.0.1 isn’t even working on the iphone for the majority of the people, it as rushed and is very buggy.

  8. I added Cydia to my homescreen but I cant jailbreak my phone it just tells me to add Cydia to my homescreen which I already did? Help please!

  9. İ have ipod 5 and i need jailbreak.if i download this in my it make any problem ?Also how can i download this for my ipod 5 without using leptop

  10. i dont have cydia on ipad, i did what the steps told me to do and when it was complete pangu and WWDC is only there NO CYDIA, what do i do, pls help me

    • It is VERY unlikely this will work with 9.1 final. The beta versions never implement Apple’s new security code as it would be easier to have a jailbreak ready at release.

  11. jail broke ipad3, 5 times still cydia flashes preparing file system google it for a fix a few times ,no luck,maybe get something here.

  12. Please can any one help
    I can’t install cydia
    I will try all the steps but no use my mobile is iOS 9.1 iPhone 4s
    How can I install please help me

  13. Added the icon on homescreen. Now what am i suppose to do. Tried every means of downloading cydia for my 5s ios 9.1 but no use. I need ur help

  14. If I use think Jaikbreak will I be able to switch from one mobile provider to another? I’m in Canada and currently use Rogers and want to switch to Fido, is this possible with the jailbreak?

  15. November 14, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Please can any one help
    I can’t install cydia
    I will try all the steps but no use my mobile is iOS 9.1 iPhone 6plus
    How can I install please help me
    +966 560252270

  16. November 2, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Please can any one help
    I can’t install cydia
    I will try all the steps but no use my mobile is iOS 9.1 iPhone 6plus
    How can I install please help me
    +966 560252270

  17. december 2, 2015 at 2:20 am

    Please can any one help
    I can’t install cydia
    I will try all the steps but no use my mobile is iOS 9.1 iPhone 6plus
    How can I install please help me
    +966 560252270

  18. Hallo

    My iPhone 4s is deactivated after 6 times wrong PW
    Unfortunatly no Backup long time.

    Do you know any possibility to reactivate without loosing all my data and contacts ?

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