iPhone 6c to Feature 2GB RAM and Large Battery

The plasticky iPhone 5c did not do well in the market and was the first flop from Apple. Though it sold in considerable numbers, it was not able to create the hype and excitement that the other iPhones created. In early 2015, rumors about the next “c” iPhone, apparently the iPhone 6c, started doing rounds on the internet.

Image : iPhone 6c

iphone 6c

A lot of leaks and rumors later, the iPhone 6c is still under the wraps and might even be released as the iPhone 7c next year. But looking at the fact that a lot of trusted sources like analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have predicted the possibility of an iPhone 6c, Apple will surely release a small iPhone in 2016.

Image : iPhone 6c imagined



According to a new report that has surfaced on the web, the iPhone 6c will come with a considerable number of major changes. The sources behind this rumor did not reveal their names but are said to be tied to Foxconn closely. If the rumor is to be believed, then the iPhone 6c will be much advanced than the iPhone 5s. And even though the 6c will get the same size display as the 5s, it will be carrying some better hardware specs.

The report says that the iPhone 6c will not only come with more RAM inside but will also carry a more powerful battery. Sources say that the iPhone 6c will carry a 1642mAh battery, while the iPhone 5s gets a smaller 1570mAh. This might help the 6c deliver a bit better battery life, something every iOS user desires. Apart from that, the iPhone 6c will boast of 2GB RAM, which is the same amount of RAM present in the new iPhone 6s and iphone 6s Plus. The final spec that the report talks about is the processor. It is being said that the iPhone 6c will get the A9 processor.

Last but not the least, the report speaks about the timeframe regarding the production and release of the small iPhone. As per the source, the iPhone 6c will go into production by early 2016, probably in January. And as far as the launch is concerned, Apple will unveil the 6c either in the first half of 2016 or directly in September during the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Sources expect the iPhone 6c to look like the iPhone 5c exactly, which can be a bit disappointing for those iPhone fans who wanted a metal “c” series iPhone. The price tag that the iPhone 6c will carry might be around 4,000 yuan for the 16GB version, which is around $617 USD.




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  1. Itz the ipod touch 6 generation!!!A iphone 6 has 6 apps going down and a ipod touch 5 gen has 5 apps going down. Thats why itz the ipod touch 6 gen

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