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Apple’s long awaited media event to announce the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus took place in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where they showed off the next generation iPhone and all its new features. The last few months have been a flurry of rumor and speculation so, to put your minds at rest, and to see which of the rumors were true, we give you the top features of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

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iphone 7 dual camera

iPhone 7 | 7 Plus Features :

Design  This was one thing that has not changed with the exception of the antenna bands now being located on the top and the bottom edges of each iPhone

Colors – As old ones fall away, new ones come in. Apple are ditching Space Gray in favour of Black and Jet Black and retain Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, giving us a choice of 5 colors.iphoen-7-colours

Display – Screen sizes stay the same at 4.7” and 5.5” and the screen resolution also remains unchanged. What we do get is a Retina HD display, providing 25% more brightness, wide color gamut and color management features

Performance – The processor gets an upgrade to the new quad-core A10 with the M10 co-processor, collectively called the A10 Fusion. The new chipset provides u with 50% more graphical performance and 4-% more overall performance than the A9

Home Button and 3D Touch – 3D Touch gets better sensors, providing more accuracy and are more responsive while the home button changes from a mechanical one to a Force-Sensitive Touch ID button with a Taptic engine. The proximity sensors also get an upgrade, allowing hand gestures to be better detected and better low-light detection as well

Headphones and Speakers – The 3.5 mm headphone jack has been eliminated, as rumored, and has been replaced with lightning-enabled ear pods instead. Those who don’t want to change their existing headphones can make use of the 3.5 mm to lightning adapter provided with every iPhone. As well as finally getting a stereo speaker system on the new iPhones Apple has also come up with the AirPods, which are a wireless headphone and microphone with Bluetooth connection.

Camera – Perhaps the biggest upgrade of all, the iPhone 7/7 Plus camera is still the top smartphone camera in the world and the new features will ensure it stays there. Both the iPhone models will have 12 MP sensors, larger apertures and are better for low-light photography than ever before. They will both have the 4-LED True Tone Flash and new 7 MP Facetime cameras, upgraded form 5 MP. To differentiate the models, the iPhone 7 Plus gets the long-awaited dual lens camera system sporting two 12 MP lenses, one telephoto and one wide angle.


Dust and Water Resistant – Both iPhones get IP67 rating for the first time ever, making them both dust and water resistant and you will now be able to use your iPhone in water of a depth of 1 meter for up to half an hour

Storage Capacity – As with the colors, some go and a new one arrives. The 16 GB is going, leaving the 32 GB as the smallest storage capacity, while 64 GB also goes, and a 256 GB option is added in

Battery –  Both iPhone get slightly bigger batteries and a little longer in battery life

Accessories –  As well as the lightning enabled ear pods and the adapter, Apple has also come up with a line of leather and silicon cases for each model


Price :

The price points remain the same as the iPhone 6S/6S Plus:

iPhone 7 :

  • 32 GB – $649 unlocked or $199 on contract
  • 128 GB – $749 unlocked or $2.99 on contract
  • 256 GB – $849 unlocked or $399 on contract

iPhone 7 Plus :

  • 32 GB – $769 unlocked or $299 on contract
  • 128 GB – $869 unlocked or $399 on contract
  • 256 GB – $969 unlocked or $499 on contract

Release Date and Availability :

Preordering start on 9 September and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will go on sale officially on 16 September in some countries. A second shipping date will follow on 23 September and the rest will be spread out over the next few months,

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  1. Hello there. I was just wondering,why they don’t have the iPhone to work independently of the iwatch?? Meanin,if I leave my iPhone at home to charge,I can still make an receive calls,text,etc from my iwatch!! I think that would be pretty coo!!!! But I’m not a smart man!!! Just a thought!! Thanks an have a very very blessed day all!!

    • I strongly agree with u. But since iphone n iwatch have to be connected via somekind of connection, separating each other by a certain distance would disconnect both. So, to make iwatch works like an iphone, apple will have to create an independent simcard slot for iwatch, meaning more bills for calls and data to be paid. And the hardware also must be change by adding antennae, gps, stronger battery, n stuff that results to a higher cost. I would like to see these improvements in the next gen iwatch, but if it’ll cost more, then i’ll just stick to a conventional watch. Just my 2cent opinion, though.

  2. If it is called i Phone 6s and iPhone 7 and gets announced in September does that mean it be released in September of this year?

  3. If it is called iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 and gets announced in September does that mean it will be released in September of this year?

  4. I absolutely love the iPhone 6+! Tried the Galaxy Note 2 and cried everyday.

    You want to bury android? GIVE THE PHONE a 13000 mAh BATTERY (don’t worry about the case being much thicker, it’s not a concern)! It’s as simple as that. I added a 40 dollar external battery case a that I bought from Amazon and it last me all day. THATS WHAT PEOPLE WANT. :).

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