iTunes Error 53 Fix

Are you facing the iTunes error 53 on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus ? Don’t worry, as it is a not-so-uncommon problem and can be solved very easily. The error mainly appears while iTunes is running when you are updating | restoring your iPhone. The error show at that time looks something like this : The iPhone “iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (53)

Image : iTunes Error 53 Fix

itunes error 53 fix

Some users have reported that they were trying to update their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to iOS 9 or iOS 10 when the iTunes error 53 came up. In some cases, this error can brick the device if its being update when the error shows up. So you need to avoid this error and get rid of it if it’s bugging you since long.

What Causes the iTunes Error 53 ?

It is being said that repairing the Touch ID Home button of the iPhone 6 at any place else than the official App Center will brick the iPhone if the user tries to install iOS 10 on it. So unauthorized repair service can not only void your warranty but also can leave you with a duplicate component, or worse, a bricked iPhone.

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The whole iTunes Error 53 occurs as a result of a security-related feature in iOS that does not allow any other Touch ID button other than the original one (with an original hardware number) to be replaced with the faulty one on the iPhone. The Error 53 comes up when the user installs iOS on such a device. Reportedly, an iPhone that is bricked completely in such a way cannot  pass the Connect to iTunes screen. Such a device cannot be revived and is bricked forever.

The iTunes Error 53 results due to a hardware failure in the Home button assembly, but the exact issue is still a mystery to most. This security feature of iOS seems to be active only on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have been upgraded to iOS 10. The security mechanism works in such a way that no one can steal your device and use it with another Touch ID sensor, as all the components used for Touch ID get unique hardware numbers that are paired to those components. Authorized Apple service centres re-validate the pairing when repairing the Touch ID sensor so as to avoid the error 53.

How to Solve iTunes Error 53 :

Here are 6 ways you can fix the iTunes error 53.

1. Clean the Registry

Every time you install or uninstall programs, some files are left behind that tend to misbehave with the program itself or with other programs. Such files need to be cleaned out of the registry. Anyway, cleaning up the registry also speeds up your PC. You can clean your registry using Clean Registry, after which you need to do a restart of your PC and see if the error comes up again.

2. Wipe the Junk files

A lot of log files and cache gets accumulated after a PC has run for some significant time. Not cleaning this junk periodically leads to the PC becoming slow and iTunes performing badly, even showing the unknown error 53. This can be caused by an overburdened hard drive. So just clean all the cache and log files and restart your PC. Then reopen iTunes and try restoring your device to see if the error 53 in iTunes has been fixed.

3. Windows Updates

This is a simple, logical, and obvious fix. Every time Microsoft senses something wrong with Windows, it sends out an update for it. So make sure you install essential updates from Windows Updates in the Control Panel. Once done, you can see whether or not the iTunes error 53 is resolved.

4. Update PC drivers

Damaged or outdated device drivers might be one of the reasons behind the error 53. So you should make sure that all the device drivers remain up-to-date. If you are on Windows, choose Help in the menu bar and then check for Updates. On Mac, go to iTunes and check for Updates.

5. Uninstall and then Reinstall iTunes

Nothing’s better than a clean reinstall. Remove iTunes from your PC and then install the latest version again. Now restart the computer and see whether the error exists.

6. Use Original Touch ID button while Restoring

Remember that the Touch ID and the motherboard are connected directly, and if you replace the Touch ID button, the error 53 will surely come up while restoring the device through iTunes. So use the original Touch ID button and the problem will be solved.

7. Update iOS Firmware

Starting iOS 9.2.1 , Apple has included fix for this issue on your device. Force install the following iOS firmware by downloading it on your computer and installing latest iOS firmware following the given tutorial using iTunes and select IPSW method.

In case none of the above fixes the iTunes Error 53 issue, you need to go to the Apple Service Centre to get your device checked for motherboard issues.

Remember- if the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus isn’t working, just take your phone to an authorised Apple service centre. Do not attempt to repair it yourself, and do not give it to any other repair shop, or else you will surely return with a bricked iPhone.

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