JellyLock Unified – Android Like LockScreen for iOS 9

iOS is perfect in many ways, yet iOS users drool over the Android OS for many reasons. One such reason is the circular unlock icon on the Lock Screen of Android JellyBean. The unlock widget comes with options to swipe and unlock or launch apps. Well, the same functionality can be added to iOS via the JellyLock tweak.

Image : JellyLock LockScreen Tweak

jellylock app

JellyLock has a lot of fans and is a popular tweak. It is highly customizable and brings the Android unlock widget to the iOS environment. Let’s check its features.

Features :

  • JellyLock is a tweak for jailbroken iOS devices and it brings the unlock widget from Android JellyBean to your iPhone or iPad.
  • The tweak directly ports the circular unlock icon of JellyBean to your iOS lock screen. Using the icon, you can swipe to unlock, and can also perform other actions like launching the camera with a swipe. You can customize up to 6 apps and can launch them straight from the Lock screen using the circular icon.
  • The developer of the tweak has rolled out a new update for JellyLock Unified, and it now supports iOS 9 completely. The update also brings bug fixes and improvements over JellyLock and JellyLock7.

The following changes have been made to the JellyLock tweak in the latest update:

  • The package has now been pushed to the developer’s own repo.  JellyLock12
  • A bug that caused the iPod touch 3G (N18AP) to crash when trying to use the camera has been fixed. Anyway, that device does not get a camera.
  • The issue where the JellyLock Unified tweak would not start up on iOS 5/6 because of missing symbols has been dealt with.
  • Another bug that was causing the preferences of the JellyLock Unified tweak to fail while loading up on iOS 5 has been resolved. It was caused because of the use of a shorthand objectForKey: syntax. This is apparently a common issue across all the KarenPrefs projects.

Download :

The JellyLock tweak is an excellent tweak for those who like the unlock system of Android JellyBean. You can download JellyLock from the developer’s repo by adding the following source in your Cydia app: Either way, you can open this link [ ] in your iPhone for directly adding the source to Cydia.

Before you go ahead and download JellyLock Unified, do remember that it is still in the beta phase, so there might be some bugs and issues that might cause your device to misbehave. Of course, the developer has promised to roll out updates regularly to fix the known issues and to bring all the features of the previous JellyLock versions to the new JellyLock Unified.

2 thoughts on “JellyLock Unified – Android Like LockScreen for iOS 9”

  1. Why does a developer release a program that may contain bugs, issues or just plain misbehave? This in essence could put users off Cydia, lose your jailbreak or… forget about devices altogether!
    The confusion lies between determining whether the problems are with Apple itself or Cydia. Saurik himself has been challenged but has also placed such programs like crash reporter for instance which is rather a helpful utility then a fancy one.
    No offense anyone but iOS 5 & 6 was the best systems we ever had with both Apple & the jailbreak community, but then again that’s just my 5 cents worth right?

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