Schedule SMS on iPhone using Kairos App on Cydia

Text message scheduling is one feature that Apple has never thought to include in its stock messages app and it could be one of the most useful features. It isn’t always easy to remember to send a message wishing someone a happy birthday or happy holidays but a new jailbreak tweak called Kairos is set to change that.

Image : Schedule SMS on iPhone using Kairos App

kairos app cydia ios 9

Kairos integrates directly into the stock messages app, so there is no app icon and no need to go to a separate app to send your messages. When you install it, a preferences pane is added to your Settings app where you can enable or disable the tweak or enable | disable haptic feedback. Using the tweak is as easy as opening up your messages app. Kairos-Preferences-Pane-Options-to-Configure

Features of Kairos :

  • Type your text message as normal and then tap and hold the send button kairos2
  • Two options will appear, eerily reminiscent of features in BiteSMS, called Switch Service and Schedule
  • The Switch Service button allows you to decide whether to end the message as an SMS or as an iMessage
  • Tapping on the Schedule button will bring up a date and time box
  • Set the relevant date you want to send the text message and the time
  • Changing your mind isn’t a problem, simply tap on Send Now in the interface; the schedule will be canceled and the message sent straight away kairos3
  • At the bottom of the screen are two button – the left one is Cancel and the right one is Confirm 
  • Tap on Confirm and you will be able to check the date and time your message is scheduled for and confirm it
  • Head over to Thread View in your Messages app and tap on the new button that looks like a folder icon kairos4
  • All scheduled messages will be shown in here, with a preview of the message the name of the recipient and the time the message is due to be sent. It will also show you a blue tab marker or a green one, denoting whether it is an iMessage or an SMS

When the right date and time arrives the message is sent automatically and, to make sure it has been, look at the time stamps in the Messages app – you should be able to see if your message has been sent or not.

Kairos is perhaps one of the simplest and yet most useful jailbreak tweaks to be released. There is no messing around with alternative apps, no unwieldy interface to get the hang of and no real settings to pay around with. It simply works, as it should, with the stock Message app.

Download :

Head over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia and pick up Kairos for just $0.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

Let us know how you get on with it or if you think it is a great idea for a tweak. To make sure you hear about the latest jailbreak tweaks as they are released, Sign Up for our free newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

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