LastLogin – Finds Total Incorrect Passcode Entries

Security apps are very important for a lot of iOS users who do not like anyone sneaking into their iPhones. Also, without proper security measures, your private photos, videos, and texts along with confidential documents are at risk of falling into others’ hands. That is why iOS users keep their devices locked away with a passcode, which is a very good way of keeping your phone to yourself.

Image : LastLogin – Finds Total Incorrect Passcode Entries

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However, there are instances when you are away from your device for a few minutes. And it is completely possible that someone might try to get into your phone by guessing the passcode. At such times, there’s hardly any way you can tell whether or not your iPhone has been handled by someone else. Well, now you can, thanks to LastLogin.

LastLogin is a new jailbreak tweak that keeps a count on the number of times wrong passcode has been entered into your iPhone, which helps you know whether people are trying to take liberties with your iOS device. Let’s learn more about this nice little tweak.


  • LastLogin tells you how many times someone has attempted to break into your iOS device. The tweak simple counts the number of times the intruder has entered the wrong passcode. This number is then displayed on the top of the screen.  LastLogin-577x1024 (1)
  • As many times as the wrong passcode is entered, the number will go on increasing. This will tell you exactly how desperate the person was to get into your iPhone without you noticing.
  • The number displayed on top will go away when you enter the correct passcode and successfully unlock the iPhone. Until the correct passcode is enter, the number cannot be hidden away and will keep showing on the screen until of course the intruder performs a hard reboot.
  • After installing LastLogin, you do not get any preferences pane for the tweak. The tweak starts working right away and no reboot is required. To confirm this, just lock your iPhone and enter the wrong passcode, which will start the counter.

Of course, we wish the developer should have added a feature which captured a selfie of the person who entered the wrong passcode. We hope the developer of the tweak adds this into the upcoming updates. But still, LastLogin helps if you are suspicious that your iPhone is being tampered with behind your back.

Download :

You can download LastLogin for iOS 9 totally free from the following repo: Add more repo sources to get more Cydia tweaks download.



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