Lautus – Clears iPhone App Cache using 3D Touch

Understanding app cache storage in iOS can be somewhat of a daunting task. Furthermore, understanding how to optimize said app caching can be downright hopeless. Apple offers no concise way to clear app cache. In fact, short of deleting an app and its information, Apple offers no way of clearing app caches.

Image : Lautus Clears iPhone App Cache

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Unfortunately, the best you can hope for is tapping your home button twice and up-swiping all of your open apps from the AppSwitcher. This however has little to no effect on cache build up whatsoever. This will basically clear out and refresh whatever app the up swiped page coincides with.

The Problem :

When you use an app on your phone, storage builds up within that app’s cache. When too much data sits in a cache, that app can start to work improperly. Needless to say, it is important to have an efficient way to clear out app caches.

The Solution :

Lautus is the solution. A third party Jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, Lautus offers app users with jailbroken phones the ability to clear app caches with the touch of a button. No more deleting and reinstalling applications or sifting through endless Apple literature to find efficient ways of maximizing storage capacity for your favorite apps.

How does Lautus work ?

Here is a list of the features on Lautus and how the tweak works.

  • Lautus is 3D touch enabled
  • Hold down the app a pop up menu comes up with one of the choices being clear app cache.lautus tweaks
  • Even without 3D touch enabled on your phone, lautus still works via the addition of other tweaks found in Cydia such as Forcy and Reveal Menu.

Download :

Lautus is exclusively available in Cydia’s bigboss repostore. It is 100% free as well. Among all of the somewhat novelty level tweaks available, Lautus is one that stands out as a useful app with the ability to optimize the performance and speed of your iOS device.

The importance of functionality

We are always happy to see developers building applications of utility as beacons of progress in the field of jailbreaking. Apps like Lautus, serve a purpose and can convince more iOS users that there are real applications of efficacy on a jailbroken phones that are not available in the Apple store. It’s nice to see more and more functional, purposeful apps on Cydia, among a sea of tweaks focused on turning your phone icon into a dog or making your clock lime green.

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