Is Jailbreaking iOS 9 Legal ?

On May 21, the Library of Congress and Copyright Office held their tri-annual hearing [ext link] to determine what should and shouldn’t be exempted from the DMCA. Jailbreaking was one of those subjects being covered with the decision being made on whether to keep it legal as they have done in previous years or rule it as an illegal act. Saurik, owner and creator of Cydia, was there to argue the case for the jailbreakers, as will the EFF, who presented a petition [ext link], signed by more than 20,000 people, asking that the retain the right to run whatever software they want on a device that they own.

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Apple’s iPhone 6s event revealed to us the new device running iOS 9. The result from the hearing will affect whether we can legally jailbreak iOS 9  alongside the iPhone 6s . Right now, the latest public jailbreak is for iOS 8.4 iOS 9.0.2 [at the time of writing this article] and, although we are now on iOS 9.1 , it doesn’t look as if there will be another jailbreak until iOS 9.2 is released at the earliest. The fight to keep jailbreaking legal has been going on for some time. The Cupertino Company has always been against it but, so far, it has been kept legal on iPhones. The previous decision made to exempt jailbreaking from the DMCA did not sit well with Apple; they say that all the hard work they put into making the iOS firmware safe goes to waste when people are allowed to jailbreak.

The Library of Congress saw it differently; they say that people should be able to install and customize their iPhones because they own them, not Apple. Until now, Apple has not been able to take any form of legal action against a person for jailbreaking but they do make it clear that they will void your warranty if they determine that your iPhone is the subject of a jailbreak. That isn’t really an issue because a jailbreak can be reversed, simply through restoring your iPhone. Whether they take any stronger action if the decision goes against the jailbreak community remains to be seen.

As to whether an iOS 9 jailbreak will be legal, we can’t answer that until we know what the ruling is; as of yet, we have not been notified of the result but we’ll report when we know, in the meantime, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter; updates will be sent direct to your inbox.

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