Low Power Mode Gives Extra 3 Hrs Battery Life

At the 2015 WWDC on the 8th of June, a brilliant show was held up by Apple where it showcased its technological supremacy that it has achieved over the years in Digital communication. The day became a highlight for Apple as it unveiled a huge number of improvements and updates in its OS X, WatchOS, and iOS. The iOS 9 took everyone by storm with its amazing new features, and one of the most looked-after feature in the new OS is the important “Low Power Mode“.

Image : Low Power Mode

battery power iphone 6

Apple, while discussing about the improvements it did in iOS 9, revealed that with iOS 9, the iPhone 6 will be able to deliver another one hour of battery life for the users. But that was not all. Apple further stated that the new ‘Low Power Mode’ in iOS was meant to further stretch the battery life to a whopping 3 hours! Though there is no proof for this claim made by the company, there is no reason to doubt it and is a very exciting improvement, given that iPhone users many-a-times complain about not getting better battery life. This strong improvement can prove to be a great advantage for all the users – be it a common user or a high-end developer.

Apple has already made the iOS 9 available for download to all iOS users . if you have a compatible device , you can download and install iOS 9 on your device and test the “Low Power Mode” feature thoroughly.

Steps to Enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9 :

Enabling the ‘Low Power Mode’ on iOS 9 devices is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the below-given steps.

  1. Go to the “Settings” application on your iPhone or iPad. lowpower_mode_ios_9
  2. Scroll to the “Battery” section. You can find it beneath the “Touch ID & Passcode”.
  3. Tap on the “Battery” option.low_power_mode
  4. Now switch ON the “Low Power Mode“.Low-Power-Mode-iOS-9

Done ! Now you can squeeze out the last drops of life from your battery at the time when you need it urgently.

How Low Power mode Works :

Please remember that there is no wizardry involved in this, and enabling the ‘Low Power Mode’ will reduce your networking activity and the device’s performance levels in order to prolong the battery life. When you switch on the ‘Low Power Mode’, animated wallpapers, Background App Refresh, motion effects, and Mail fetch will all get disabled to compensate for the battery. You will have to switch OFF the ‘Low Power Mode’ in order to be able to use these features again.

This serious boost in the battery life was actually be the major highlight of the entire WWDC 2015, as the battery life is the most demanded aspect where improvements are always appreciated by normal users and developers alike. The extensive use of Facebook and other social apps with the regular internet browsing, not forgetting the normal calling, drains the battery very quickly. Apart from these uses, common users also want to enjoy high-end games on their iOS devices while keeping the internet connection always on. So the ‘Low Power Mode’ is definitely a strong leap.

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3 thoughts on “Low Power Mode Gives Extra 3 Hrs Battery Life”

  1. Thanks for the information however contrary to your statement that the feature “is available to all iOS users” it is NOT THE CASE FOR ALL IPAD USERS, WHERE THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN PURPOSELY OMITTED FROM THE IPADS BY APPLE. Going into settings merely displays battery percentages and which apps consume most power. Google “no low battery feature for iPad” and I’m not the only one out in the cold so to speak. In fact the power performance was better BEFORE and now it flat out SUCKS.

  2. Now all Apple needs to do to complete the LPM concept is to add a shortcut to Control Center to enable/disable the feature.

    While a pop-up automatically appears when the battery drops to 20%, disabling LPM requires drilling down into submenus.

    If Apple truly believes the feature to be as valuable as Apple claims it to be, then LPM deserves to be added to Control Center. But if it’s simply Apple tooting it’s own horn over someone else’s good idea (aka marketing BS), then….

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