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We are now several weeks into iOS 10 and are still waiting for news of a public iOS 10 jailbreak. So far, the teams have been very quiet and, although we are seeing occasional demos of jailbreaks, these are from developers like Luca Todesco who isn’t going to release any jailbreak he builds to the public. With the number of updates that Apple is throwing at us for iOS 10, it shouldn’t really come as any surprise that the jailbreak is slow in coming and, with the latest news, it looks like the wait is going to get even longer.

Image : iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Confirms Luca Todesco

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iOS 10.2 download is currently in beta, with the developers testing it and one of those developers is Luca Todesco. He has now warned us that the next iOS update contains so many new security updates that jailbreaking it is going to be almost impossible. He says that Apple has patched so many vulnerabilities, there really isn’t much left for the hackers to get their teeth into.

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Possibility :


Todesco warns that, if we update to iOS 10.2 when it is released, we will almost likely lose the chance to jailbreak so, if that is what we are looking for, we should stay on an earlier version of iOS 10 and wait for Taig or Pangu to come up with goods because iOS 10.2 jailbreak possibility is looking to be far more less than any of the current iOS 10 versions.

When will the iOS 10.2 Jailbreak be Here ?

We cannot give you an answer to that question because the jailbreak teams are not giving us any information. What we do know, based on what Luca Todesco has told us, is that iOS users will have to make a choice in the coming weeks. With Apple looking to have the upper hand in the long-standing cat and mouse game with jailbreakers, the chances of seeing as many jailbreaks as we have in recent years, is looking very slim.

We will have to balance our wish for a jailbreak with security updates features; if we update to iOS 10.2 we can have all the latest features and improvements and our devices will be secure but we won’t be able to jailbreak. If, on the other hand, we choose not to update and wait for a jailbreak we are leaving our devices open to security risks.

Once again, we are playing the waiting game and, as soon as we hear any news we will let you know. If you Subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook, the latest developments will be sent straight to your inbox.

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