Lylac – App Switcher with Control Center Integration

A couple of tweaks out there in Cydia allow you to customize or renovate the iOS App Switcher in your iOS device to a great extent. Some of those popular tweaks include Auxo 3 and Seng. Such tweaks change the whole user experience of the App Switcher interface. But if you have tried the aforementioned tweaks and have got bored with them, or if you just want to experience something new, then Lylac is an alternative tweak worth trying out.

Image : Lylac App Switcher

lylac ios 9

Lylac is basically a tweak that brings together the Control Center and the App Switcher and provides great customizing abilities to get the best of both worlds. It also adds a lot of new features to give you a great multitasking experience.

Features :

  • Lylac basically combines the iOS Control Center and the App Switcher and allows you to use both from a single location. lylac4
  • By just double pressing the Home button or swiping up on the screen, you get a new App Switcher interface that also gives you access to Quick Launch apps, music controls, and toggles.
  • For those who own the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, the Lylac tweak supports 3D Touch gestures. This is something you won’t find in other App Switcher tweaks. You can simply invoke the App Switcher by performing a firm press on the right edge of the display. Though it does not work as smoothly as advertised.
  • When in the App Switcher, you can kill all the running ups by simply swiping up on the Home screen preview card. You can swipe down on the same card in order to bring up actions like safe mode, reboot, respring, etc.lylac2
  • Perhaps the best thing about the Lylac tweak is that it brings loads of customization options to the tablet. Using the clean and well laid-out preferences pain, you can apply a lot of effects, whitelist apps, stylize the App Switcher, and do a lot more. lylac5

All said and done, if you want a simple tweak that comes with useful features and gives freshness to the App Switcher, then you should definitely consider Lylac. Though the tweak needs some more updates to get polished completely, it does what it promises to do. If you are done using Auxo and Seng, then this tweak is a must try.

Download :

Lylac even works with iOS 9. You can download Lylac from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for just $1.99.

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