MagicLabels – Add Colors to Apps and Folder Names

Jailbreak users mostly consist of those people who are into customizing and theming their iPhones or iPod touch devices to make them look different in the crowd. If you are one of them and have a jailbroken iOS device, there’s a new jailbreak tweak you should be trying out.

Image : MagicLabels to Add Colors to Apps and Folder Names

magic label tweaks

Called MagicLabels, the tweak lets you colorize your folder and app icon labels individually to your choice or colors. You can choose any color for any app or folder icon label according to your taste or feelings.


  • MagicLabels lets you modify the color of all the individual app and folder icon labels on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch. It allows you to set a two-tone color or a multi-tone color scheme, or you can even choose a random array of colors. magiclabels-preferences_3
  • Once you have installed MagicLabels, you will find its preferences pane in the stock Settings app. From there, you can configure the colors for the app and folder icon labels. magiclabels-preferences
  • The preferences include a toggle to turn the tweak on or off. There’s also an option to set a base color, after which you get the option to choose from eight individual color cells. magiclabels-preferences_2
  • You need to individually customize each cells according to the color and apps or folders you want to color. It might take some time to get around this feature, but it is really very easy once you get the hang of it.
  • The tweak also lets you choose a background color or a shadow color for the labels. If you use the shadow color option, you get a drop shadow behind the letters of the labels like in iOS 6. The background color creates a colored block background behind the label.
  • There’s a Save button in the preferences pane of MagicLabel. You must tap this button to save the changes you have made. Your device will respring on tapping this button, and after rebooting, you will see that the changes have taken place.

Download :

MagicLabels is available to download for free in Cydia and does what it claims to. Of course, many more features can be added, but for the start, we can’t ask for more. If you would love to color the app and folder labels on the Home screen of your iPhone or iPod touch, then get this tweak right now. Do note that the tweak has been tested on iOS 9 and only on iPod touch and iPhone devices, so we don’t know whether or not it will work on iPads. Try it out and let us know.

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