MessagesDeleteConfirmer – Stops Accidental Deletion

You know the feeling when you’ve deleted an important text or iMessage on accident. Unfortunately, Apple offers little in the way of quick recovery options or even message storage for that matter. But wait , all is not lost. This quick trick is a foolproof way to make sure you never lose another message again.

Image : MessagesDeleteConfirmer Stops Accidental Deletion of iMessages

MessagesDeleteConfirmer TweaksMessagesDeleteConfirmer [ a slick new option for you jail breakers out there ] has your back. Its available for download in Cydia, and is a great safety tool to insure you never lose another message by accident. Let’s take a closer look at the why’s, how’s and where’s of this handy new tool.

The average iPhone has anywhere between 20 – 30 open messaging threads at a given moment. Everyone knows the feeling of deleting the wrong thread or even worse, messaging the wrong person ! There is no worse feeling than losing important texts from a friend, spouse, or even worse, a boss or client, because you accidentally hit delete.

Features :

  • MessagesDeleteConfirmer works as a safeguard from deleting messages by displaying a confirmation window on your screen prior to executing the delete action on your iPhone. The window prompts you to confirm whether or not you want to delete the selected thread. messagedeleteconfirmer-confirms-your-messages-app-deleting-message-threads
  • It’s a quick, no fuss option that makes you think twice before deleting that important address or factoid. There is no long drawn out process in recovering an iCloud back up or connecting to iTunes or something along those lines.
  • MessagesDeleteConfirmer is a preemptive precaution to easily save those important texts.

Cydia , Among the bevvy of free [ sometimes useless ] apps available to those using the platform, it is nice to finally see some developers focused on utility rather than what color your keyboard is. MessagesDeleteConfirmer is one of the few apps that everyone should have. In my opinion, I am quite surprised a function like this isn’t built directly into iOS.

Download :

Among the naysayers of jailbroken features are those who will say Cydia, or it’s similar counterparts are of no use to anyone other than that that narrow demographic of Apple users who want a completely pink app layout or clever ways to get more Twitter followers. I feel that not only is MessagesDeleteConformer a useful app that we all should have, but a great step in the right direction for those developers creating useful technology on Cydia. Get this app directly from Cydia installed on your device. It provides quick, easy solutions to arguably the most common problem facing texters today. MessagesDeleteConfirmer can be installed on jailbroken devices for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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