It seems like such a long time ago that we had a decent working jailbreak that all of us could use. Sure, we have Yalu jailbreak but that is the only one we have had since iOS 10 and we can’t all use it, only those with certain devices. The rest of us have had to rely on a series of app installers, released to bring a little of what Cydia used to give us, and perhaps the best is one called TutuApp [ext link]. Many of you who already use it will have noticed that every week, your installed apps crash, and you must reactivate them and start all over again.

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The reason why your apps crash is because of Apple. These apps are all independent and Apple has nothing to do with signing the certificates that make the apps work.  Because there are so many, Apple regularly reviews all app certificates and verifies them to see if they are valid; those that are not, like those that come through TutuApp, are revoked. The only way you can change that is with NessTool.

What is NessTool ?

NessTool [ext link] is a VPN tool. When you download it, you need to allow a VPN configuration to be created on your iPhone or iPad and, once done it begins to protect all apps installed through TutuApp. A VPN is designed to hide something and that is exactly what it does , hides the apps from Apple so they can’t revoke the certificates.

It will always be working, whenever your iPhone or iPad is switched on but don’t worry about it getting in the way of anything else you do. It doesn’t take up much in the way of space or resources, so it won’t slow anything down, but it only works on what is installed at the time you download NessTool. You can, however, delete NessTool and reinstall it if you add any more TutuApp apps afterward.

How to Download NessTool :

All you need to download NessTool is your iPhone or iPad, internet and a few minutes of time. A full guide can be found at the linked post below:

TutuApp is the only installer that NessTool work on so if you are using vShare, AppValley [ext link], Emus4iOS or any other one, you must download Anti Revoke instead. It works in the same way and all the details are in the linked post.

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