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Jailbreaking is so popular among the die-hard iOS users because it frees their devices of all the shackles that Apple wants them to be in. It enables us to modify our iPads and customize our iPhones and add loads of functionalities to enhance the OS’s. Another thing which many people want is to download popular paid apps without paying a dime. Well, most of the awesome jailbreak tweaks are free already, yet there are a few developers who charge a small amount between $1 to $5, which isn’t a big deal for the awesome apps, but still is a pain for many users.

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So if you want to get those paid apps for free, here are some of the ways  do it. You will be required to add the following repos/sources to Cydia. But first, let’s take a look at some of the best and the most popular repositories/sources for downloading cracked, legal, as well as paid apps, games, and themes.

Popular iOS 9 Cydia Repos :

Following repo’s are required for downloading paid cydia apps for free . The instructions to add them to Cydia is explained step by step with pictures below .


You can get a lot of cracked apps and some legal paid apps too. These include a wide range of tweaks, apps, mods, and themes, including the famous App Switcher.


A lot of WinterBoard and Dreamboard themes, cracked apps like iSHSHit and AndroidLock, and a lot of games also are available at this repo.


This one is a top repo containing legal as well as cracked apps like MyWi and BiteSMS.


This repo too is excellent to get your hands on legal and cracked apps like MyWi, BiteSMS, and AndroidLock.


This source contains a large range of pirate apps and many popular ones too including Auxo.

The above five are the best sources for downloading cracked apps as well as legal and the paid ones too. AppAddict is another great source for such apps and you can get the tutorial to download and use it here .  Here are the easy steps which you can follow in order to add a repository to Cydia.

How to Add a Repo in Cydia :

  1. Go to Cydia cydia ios 9 iphone 6 plus
  2. Tap Sources > Edit > Addcydia ios 9 source add
  3. Type the URL of the repo you want to add and then tap the “Add Source” button. cyda_ios_9_repo_source2 cyda_ios_9_repo_source0cyda_ios_9_repo_source4

For those who want to continue using cracked apps later on when a jailbreak for iOS comes out, you can do so using the same method after your iOS 9 device is jailbroken.

Disclaimer :

Before you continue, please be advised that our site does not support piracy in any form, shape, or way. We strongly are of the opinion that developers work very hard for their apps and have the right to be paid for that, either through a donation system or a small fee. We only recommend you to use the given repos to download cracked apps for testing purposes solely. If you like the app and want to keep it, then please do not use the cracked version and please buy the original app legally by paying for it. This small step of yours will sustain the iOS 9 jailbreak community and will encourage the developers to keep bringing new apps and features to our devices.

Stay Tuned for iOS 9 Jailbreak Updates :


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