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Cydia has always been the app store of choice for millions of iOS users but it could only be got through a jailbreak. Now there are no jailbreaks and that means there is no Cydia. The jailbreak community has been left with no way of downloading those all-important tweaks and modifications that freed them from Apple’s security chains, not to mention all the other useful content. Now though, we have a way to get some of this content back on our devices without needing Cydia. An app installer by the name of Panda Helper has been released to give us a few tweaks, modified apps and loads of paid apps for free.

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What is Panda Helper ?

Panda Helper [ext link] is an alternative to Cydia, an unofficial app store that is packed with fun and useful games and apps. As well as some of the top Cydia apps and tweaks, you get modified++ apps and plenty of premium app store content for free as well as some other apps that can’t be got from anywhere else. Here’s some of the best features :

Panda Helper Features :

  • Easy to download and use
  • Panda Helper interface is similar to the iOS app store
  • You don’t need Cydia 
  • Download Cydia tweaks
  • Download modified apps like Snapchat++ and Spotify++
  • Plenty of paid content for free 
  • New apps and games added daily
  • Updates are notified to you and you can install them via Panda helper
  • Works on all devices on all iOS firmware versions
  • Supported on Android
  • Plenty more features

How to Download Panda Helper :

Panda Helper is not available in the iOS app store because Apple will not let this kind of content to pass their security checks. Don’t worry though; it is safe to use, and we’ve drawn up a guide for you to follow. You will find that guide, with links, and a guide on deleting Panda Helper below :

Panda Helper is, without a doubt, one of the most comprehensive of all the Cydia alternatives, and there are a few now. It isn’t as in-depth as Cydia because it doesn’t have the workings of the jailbreak to back it up; sadly, many of the tweaks require this and that means they will not be available to us. However, Panda Helper does offer a good selection of tweaks and modified apps, not to mention the paid apps and games for free, making it a decent alternative. You can use the free version, which should have everything you want, or you could pay for a few extra features , its your choice.

The likelihood of a new jailbreak any time soon is unlikely. Given the state of affairs in the past year or so, we can’t see that things are going to change very much. There is, however, always a chance. While we wait, you can download Panda Helper and follow us on Facebook to get all the latest news.

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