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The last time we saw a public jailbreak was for iOS 9.1 and here we are, with the first iOS 10 beta released and still no sign of another one. Pangu seems, to all intents and purposes, to have disappeared off the face of jailbreaking but with the iOS 10 download well under way we are likely to be hearing from them again in the near future. The team will now be focusing their efforts on the new iOS firmware to see just what chances there are to produce an iOS 10 jailbreak.

Image : Pangu 10 Jailbreak Installer Update

pangu 10 jb

When Can we Jailbreak iOS 10 ?

The very earliest will be, at a push, the end of September. With beta 1 of the iOS 10 download [ext link] just released, we have many more to go over the next couple of months and there is little point, with the speed at which the firmware will change, for any jailbreak to be released before the public download is available.  You can also expect to hear absolutely nothing from Pangu until they are ready to release their iOS 10 jailbreak. This isn’t because they are being awkward or because they don’t want you to know about it; it’s because the less Apple knows, the less chance there is of any exploits being patched.

Image : Pangu 10 Jailbreak under development

pangu jailbreak ios 10

Pangu are also going to be studying the iOS 10 download very carefully for signs of “Rootless”, a new security system that Apple is introducing, rumored as a way of stopping jailbreaking in its tracks. The system is reported to put extra blocks in place to stop access to specific files and data inside the iOS, regardless of whether you have administrator privileges or not. Pangu are going to want to know if that system is strong enough to stop an iOS 10 jailbreak from being developed.

New iOS 10 Features :

iOS 10 is full of new features and they give the developers a great deal to play with in terms of creating tweaks for the iOS 10 jailbreak. At this stage, we can’t tell you every feature because they are bound to change over the next 3 months. We can talk about a couple of new features that may make an appearance on iOS 10 :

  • Home App – use your iOS device to control smart home appliances
  • Voicemail – Siri will become a real personal assistant, taking phone calls for you and turning the message to text for you
  • Find my Friends – updated for iOS 10 and a few new features on the way – the ability to not just locate your friends but see if they can talk to you and what their iPhone status is
  • Customize – We could be getting the opportunity to customize the Control Center, which isn’t a huge concession from Apple but no doubt the iOS 10 jailbreak will step up to the plate and offer much more

Supported Devices :

All iOS devices will be supported on OS 10 with the exception of the two oldest one – the Pad 2 and the iPhone 4S. It was something of a surprise that they supported iOS 9 so uses shouldn’t be surprised to lose out this time around.

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