Pangu 9.3.1 Jailbreak

Pangu has been quite active in the jailbreak field recently, especially after they released the iOS 9 jailbreak. Surely, there was a long period when no jailbreak was available, but the team recently released the much awaited iOS 9.1 jailbreak, which actually came too late as most iOS users had already updated to iOS 9.2 or iOS 9.2.1 firmwares. But at least that tells us that the team is working continuously on updating its jailbreak tool to support the latest releases. Update: Apple has stopped signing iOS 9.2.1 and released iOS 9.3.2 beta for developers.

Image : Pangu 9.3.1 Jailbreak Update

pangu 9.3.1

Meanwhile, Apple has released iOS 9.3.1 today, which comes very soon after the release of iOS 9.3. In such a case, there’s a lot of confusion as to which firmware will receive a jailbreak. Will there be an iOS 9.3 jailbreak ? Or will the Pangu team work on an iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak instead ? Let’s think it through.

iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak Instead of an iOS 9.3 Jailbreak ?

Right now, iOS 9.3.1 is the latest iOS release. The signing window for iOS 9.3 will be closed in a few days, after which users won’t be able to downgrade back to iOS 9.3. But the question here is why did Apple release iOS 9.3.1 so soon after iOS 9.3 ?

One possible explanation is that Apple missed out some bugs in iOS 9.3 and only discovered it later. The company might have wanted to fix the issues as soon as possible, which is why they rolled out the iOS 9.3.1 update. Another possibility tells us that Apple might have been working on the security vulnerabilities in iOS 9.3 that might lead to a jailbreak. It’s possible that Apple has figured out the jailbreak exploits and patched them in iOS 9.3.1, thus making it unjailbreakable. But that’s just a theory, a mere speculation, and nothing is confirmed yet.

Should You Update to iOS 9.3.1 ?

ios 9.3.1 ota update

It’s very simple – if you don’t jailbreak your iOS devices and use stock iOS, then you have nothing to worry about, just update to iOS 9.3.1. However, if you don’t use stock iOS and jailbreak them, then iOS 9.3.1 is probably not for you. We don’t know whether an iOS 9.3.1 jailbreak will come out, but a jailbreak for iOS 9.3 is highly likely.

Hacker Luca Todesco had said about 5th iOS 9.3 beta that it is jailbreakable, and it’s possible that the final public build of iOS 9.3 is jailbreakable too. But if you jump on to iOS 9.3.1 and an iOS 9.3 jailbreak is released after the signing window for iOS 9.3 is closed, you won’t be able to downgrade to iOS 9.3 and you will have to wait for another jailbreak to release.

Image : Pangu 9.3 in the making [ Image Credits : ]

pangu_pangu 9.3 jb2

So jailbreak lovers, stay on iOS 9.3 until Pangu or any other hacker or jailbreak team announces something.

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