Pangu 9.3 Jailbreak Update

Team Pangu is the current leader in the jailbreak scenario, thanks to the iOS 9.1 jailbreak that the team released a few weeks ago. However, not much has been heard from Pangu after the Pangu 9.1 jailbreak was patched by iOS 9.3. Of course, there is no doubt in the fact that the team is working on providing us the next jailbreak aka Pangu 9.3 , but users are getting really impatient due to the lack of any developments even after so many days. But due to the recent developments, we have reasons to believe that Pangu might be working on an iOS 9.3 jailbreak.

Image : Pangu 9.3 Jailbreak Update


Let’s take the events in order. If you had been following the news lately, you might remember that a famous hacker named Luca Todesco had claimed that he had jailbroken iOS 9.2.1 [ beta 2 ] a few weeks ago. The hacker had posted the announcement on his Twitter handle, and he had also uploaded a screenshot that displayed Cydia running on his jailbroken iPhone 6 with iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 [image below] installed on it. Though this announcement excited all of us, the hacker did provide us great disappointment when he announced that he had no plans to release the jailbreak. But at least we got to know that an iOS 9.2.1 jailbreak was possible and that Pangu would work it out soon.

Video : Quick Tutorial to Download Pangu 9.3 app icon on iPhone

Image : iOS 9.3 Jailbroken and Cydia Installed


A couple of weeks back, Apple scrapped signing iOS 9.2.1 and directly shifted to the next major update by seeding iOS 9.3 beta. This led to all the attention now being focused on jailbreaking iOS 9.3. But to everyone’s utter surprise, Luca Todesco took to Twitter again to announce that he had achieved iOS 9.3 Jailbreak [ while on beta 1 ] just a few hours after it was seeded to the Developer Program. Luca also posted a video [ below ] to prove it. The video showed iOS 9.3 beta 1 running on an iPhone that also had Cydia and jailbreak tweaks installed in it. But again, the jailbreak won’t be release by the hacker, and it is really disappointing to know that.

Video : iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Success

However, the real point to note here is that iOS 9.3 is jailbreakable. Also, hackers like Luca like to work on the back-end, finding security loopholes that can lead to successful jailbreaking. They do find the exploits, but leave it on some other jailbreakers to use the exploits and make it into a jailbreak tool that is ready to use by the public. Considering the fact that Luca was involved with Pangu in the making of the iOS 9 jailbreak, it is highly likely that the hacker will share the iOS 9.3 jailbreak exploits with Pangu.

This means that the Pangu iOS 9.3 jailbreak is highly possible and might be released as soon as iOS 9.3 has already been seeded to the public. So it’s all a matter of waiting now!

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  1. You shouldn’t say it will be released soon…… You said that 9.2 jailbreak will be released soon and it’s still not out. Soon means a couple of days. Not couple of months.

    1. It wasn’t their fault. The jailbreak didn’t come out because Apple pushed 9.3 early. Pangu and other jailbreak companies get their money from outside sources. The way they maximise this payout is through sending the jailbreak to as many people as possible. That’s why the jailbreak didn’t come out (same situation for 9.0.2-now). Just gotta be patient.

    1. Did u read the bloody article? It never said once there WAS a jailbreak! It only mentioned that there WAS a JAILBREAK EXPLOIT and there is definitely one of those. The final paragraph mentions that.

    1. The 9.2 jailbreak might not come out on its own. It might probably come out with 9.3, due to the fact that Luca broke both versions.

    1. Sorry for being repetitive . But that is the only available information we have right now. Keeping a track of Pangu and Taig Jailbreak teams 24x7

  2. Do IT -- do IT -- do IT , do IT NOW! 😂😂😂 Holy Crob iPhone 4 / 7.2.1 / JAILBRAKE / iPhone 5S sleep in THE BOX. 😂😂😂

  3. If hackers can’t make jailbreak anymore, than they should try something new like making downgrading possible so that we can downgrade our firmware back to IOS 9.0.2 to jailbreake it again. 😀

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