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Are you tired of your friends trying to peek into your iPhone’s Private Folders ? Do you want to prevent someone from opening an app without locking your iOS device completely with a Passcode or Touch ID ? Well, a lot of jailbreak tweaks claim to lock apps with passwords, but that process is very lengthy for someone who does not want to fill in passwords every time he opens an app. Also, if you only feel the need to lock your apps when you hand over your iOS device to someone else, then you should have a look at the PanicLock9 tweak.

Image : PanicLock 9 Cydia Tweak


With PanicLock9, you can lock some apps very quickly in just a second before handing it to someone else. The tweak works with Activator, so let’s see how useful it is.

Features :

  • PanicLock9 helps you lock apps on your iOS device instantly with a simple Activator gesture. Once locked, those apps will not get launch no matter how many times you tap on the app icons. You can disable the lock by simple performing the gesture again.
  • After installing the tweak, you get a dedicated preferences pane in the stock Settings app. You can choose an Activator gesture for enabling or disabling the tweak, and you can also select the apps that you want to lock with the PanicLock9 gesture.
  • The preferences pane of the tweak also offers other options, like the toggle to enable or disable vibration while invoking the tweak.

How to Use :

  1. Once you have installed PanicLock9, go to Settings > PanicLockprefs [image for iPhone above] paniclock_9_ipad
  2. You will be asked to choose an activation method i.e. the Activator gesture that you want to choose to enable | disable PanicLock. Select the gesture that you want. You can also use home buttons or volume rocker buttons.
  3. You then need to choose the tweaks that you want to lock with the gesture. There is no limit to the number of apps that you choose. ipad_ios_9_homescreen_folder
  4. That’s it. Now the tweak is ready and you can perform the gesture any time to lock the apps. You have to perform the same gesture again in order to unlock the apps.

Download :

In our opinion, PanicLock is best used when you assign an Activator gesture that uses the physical buttons of your iPhone. This helps you lock your apps without attracting glances. PanicLock9 is compatible with all the iOS 9 devices and can be bought for $0.99 from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Free download also possible via 3rd party repos.

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